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  • where / Christchurch
  • what / Sound System
  • likes / Techno, Experimental, Dub
we like it

What we like:

we like it

we like it

The fluent integration and performance of multi faceted media systems. We explore real time concepts and capture the cutting edge to express ourselves for enlightenment and entertainment.

Seeking the combination of DJ performance, Live studio production, sampling, FX and omni directional microphone feedback to be presented in a continuous multi layering process into multi zoned immersive sonic spaces.

Mixing our own unique content with downloaded Creative Commons music and assorted music collections. We rejected style for context; dismiss format for texture, and ensure performance is interactive. Creating an aural experience that will draw the listener directly into our imagination.

We are not abstracted from ourselves; we are involved in our own consciousness. Directly controlling the actions of our future.

How we like it:

Appearing all most at random in a variety of configurations and pseudonyms. Myriad Industries carries a distinct body of work that pushes forward the boundaries of creative media environments with in the New Zealand dance scene.

Established in 1995 as a capture device for experimental Audio designs by Simon Kong, Myriad Industries continues. Current members and contributors include: Andy TSG, Matthew Ayton, John McCullum, Nick De-Frieze, Ben Fulford,

Projects: 3rd Space, My My Sound System, the .3rd Resistance,
KILL! CLUB, Plate 6.ver, Stray Moves, Occasionals

Appearances: Fiji, Gathering, Eudeamony, Massive, 9 Leeds Lane, Canaan Downs Festival