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  • likes / Techno, Minimal, Glitch, Experimental, Electro, Dub, Breaks
re-launch to real-time

The My My Sound System is a meltdown mix of all the styles of electronic music that permeates Turnstyles interests.

With a recent project focus into podcasting through Psurkit.net, Turnstyle has been off the air, under the scene and otherwise gone completely digital. The My My Sound System is a re-launch into real-time music presentation or basically throwing down in a live club setting.

An eclectic mix, My My Sound is immersed with glitched up selections of minimal, driving Detroit techno, hip house, lo fi dubs & electro breaks.

As a true and committed juggernaut of the NZ dance scene, Turnstyle presents the My My System as a burning glimpse into the future of dance music. Or just a lucky spin of the wheel into the sonic dimensions of dance music.

Loved or hated the My My Sound System has a simple mission to abolish expectation, destroy conventions and bitch slap your curiosity. Extensions and continuations of the My My Sound System will see invites to NZ's electronic heads looking to perform & present their sounds in a My My style.

Uncompromising, unconditional and direct to the cause.

My Sound .. My System .. the My My Sound System.


UPDATE : 2009

The My My Sound Systems project is currently off-line. However may find track edits released on Psurkit.net as "mi mi edits"