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  • what / Producer
  • likes / Minimal, Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk, Experimental, Dub, Electro, Drum and Bass, Breaks

A musician taking advantage of music technology to put on perfomances and gigs around the planet. Jeramiah has been involved in bands and touring and music for most of his life.

from sense_ tivity, simpliciter and rhombus

module music is non jonra specfic , downbeat ambient, electro, drum and bass 80's synth rock, whatever... taking elements of most electronic styles and mashing it up, but always keeping that musical approach to it. No limits, no borders, organic electronica played not programmed, its animal meets machine, its a musician and Technogly.

animal meets machine

Over the last 5 years Jeramiah has performed with such bands as The Blackseeds, Pitch Black, Salmonella Dub, & many more

Jeramiah Has Spent the last year touring around NZ and Australia with Rhian Sheehan & and More Recently, Joined the Fly My Pretties Crew

keep a ear out for the debut module album remarkable engines out Soon on LOOP recordings Aot(ear)oa