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  • where / Palmerston North
  • what / Tech, Producer
  • likes / Hip Hop, Electro, Dub, Drum and Bass, Breaks
Jeramiah Ross A.K.A Module

module delivers a tasty selection of dreamy atmospherics, big phat beats, pulsing basslines trippy vocals and effects galore not to mention live 80's crazy keyboard solos, percussion, guitars, violins, and just about anything else that makes a noise

module was formed by 26 year old Jeramiah Ross who has performed in bands such as sense_ and Rhombus and toured around NZ over the last 3 or so years performing with some of the best bands in NZ from The Blackseeds, Salmonella Dub, Pitch Black and many more

module was started just as a recording project late mid 2003 but quickly began taking off into un-imagined realms.

The first single's received good airplay on control 99.4 FM (p.north) and Active 89FM (wellington)

Next Jeramiah Began Writing tracks with Paul Mclaney A.K.A GRAMSCI The Two released a single called love and not the lesson which was released through LOOP recordings

It climbed in and out of the b-net top 11 peaking at number 7
which is not too bad for a first proper single release.

Gramsci Approached longtime Friend Rhian Sheehan who needed a keyboard player and Jeramiah joined Rhian Sheehan's live line up as module playing Keyboards and live dubs and effects.

Performing with him and Jess Chambers and Kirsten Johnstone for his album release of Tiny blue biosphere. Jeramiah also performed all around NZ With Rhian Sheehan also on Top of the Pops and National Anthem on TV2.

At the moment Jeramiah/module is working on a full album and singles not to mention playing gigs like there is no tomorrow and still runinng around the place with Rhian Sheehan and Crew ... so keep a ear out !
and check out the website for gigs and more info