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Mix nightclub, 262 K'Rd, has been around for only a few months but is already becoming known as a bit of an alternative on 'the strip' where it is one of the few places to offer the true underground clubbing experience.

Abrand new Martin Wavefront soundsystem brings music to the forefront at Mix and an intimate dancefloor setup with the classic low roof, and a
well-equipped DJ-booth right in the middle of the action make it quite
possibly *the* most 'DJ friendly' club in town. The musical policy is also quite a departure from the normal 'status-quo' where progressive, breaks, techno and other underground styles mix together seamlessly to provide a sonic backdrop that would make even the most hardened clubber remember why they fell in love with dance music in the first place.

Scores of fat leather couches provide relaxation aplenty off the dancefloor, and friendly staff and punters alike top it all off and give Mix a fantastic atmosphere in which to meet, hang, dance, chill, drink, talk-shit, or just do whatever really!

The flagship night coming up for Mix is called Detour, which will be happening every Friday (from the 26th) with resident DJ's Josh Webb & Rob Warner, joined by weekly guests drawn from the pick of NZ's forward-thinking musical talent, as well as regular international guests and lots of other cool happenings planned in the near future!

Saturdays at Mix are a revolving parade of different music, including Hardsoul (a techno night with Matt Cleland & Miles Kuen), Breakers Delight (a breaks night with Page3, randomplay & Timmy Schumacher), Progress (a prog-trance night with Tom Ward, Risk & Justin Case), and also featuring special events such as 'Velvet', 'Club Lovely' and 'Movement'.

Thursdays at Mix is currently 'Brick', with Andy Vann & Radley mixing up the true underground house vibe.

Mix also has its own radio show, currently running on Thursdays 8-11pm on Red FM, and plans are in place for Mix to go live-to-air on weekends in the near future (red can also be streamed from http://www.redfm.co.nz).

You can also check the mix web site (http://www.mix.co.nz) for details of upcoming events, images, DJ's and an online request form for membership which will provide special deals in future and add users to the mix mailing list.