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Let have an (r)evolution.

:: Running it since 1991

By the age of fifteen I was buying old stereo gear from sales to set up in my garage specifically for dancing. I was collecting cassette singles and some records.

Couple of years later on I was flipping tapes at the end of school party. I wasn't that great, I just turned up with the tapes and kept the music playing.

Basically I really enjoy dance music and sound systems.

It turned into an obsessions with second hand vinyl and putting togeather dusty deep sets of wonky house and techno. Working sound systems and lighting for parties. Endless parties, the best parties and the always the sound systems.

Many years of festivals, raves, clubs, house parties any party, working hard and playing. Getting involved with the scene, building it, making it happen, being part of it.

I'm old school deep for life.