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Minuit sitting it out

Electronic breakbeat three piece Minuit ("min-wee") are receiving some stunning live reviews.

Exquisitely coy vocals and enough rhythm to move the most skeptical bar staff, these breakbeat banditos, muchachas and chicos have been flitting around the country building up their breakbeat backlog (in between backpacking and bluffing their way from Kosovo to Tokyo).

Having hooked up with Auckland independant label Tardus, a Minuit album is being mixed, mastered, mashed, trashed, and re-hashed in the hard-drive ready for a much anticipated August 2003 release.

The fourth rule of commotion states: "One must have only three cares, but not less than two." In case of deficiency, Minuit could make up your quota.

Check Minuit for a rockin'-romp-in-the-aural-hay some place soon.


April 2003: Minuit jubilantly hook up with Auckland independent label Tardus to put together the release of their long awaited longplayer due out in New Zealand August 2003!!!

March 2003: Minuit track, Nymphs, selected to feature on the new KOG Transmissions breaks compilation coming out in June this year. . February 2003: Minuit track, Species II, chosen as title track for TVNZ's 'Queer Nation' 2003 series.

January 2003: Minuit have a rockin' time playing at 'Alpine Unity' New Years Eve outdoor party.

September 2002: Melbourne DJ Phil K is in Auckland remixing a Minuit track. The band are shooting a video for this presently.

September 2002: Billed as "a highlight of the electronic music scene in New Zealand" on SPACE TV, Minuit are chosen to play their track The Boy with the Aubergine Hair live for SPACE's 100th episode.

August 2002: Minuit win the People's Choice Award for Best Song on SQUEEZE TV music programme. recently

"Their high-energy, highly danceable music is different to anything else around." The Press, NZ

"...singer songwriter Ruth Carr adds a special dimension. Her Bjorkish breathy voice snaps out catchy, staccato lyrics...and she has an arresting, original stage presence." RipItUp, NZ