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spruced up

There's been a lot of industry and punter speculation about what the Matterhorn is evolving to - anywhere from stiff and starchy restaurant to a million dollar pleasure dome, complete with coloured disco dancefloor for over 500 supplicants and sycophants. Not much of this is true and some of it is, so here's the spiel...

The space has been re-designed to maximise and celebrate the rituals of our common culture; eating and drinking, comfort, shelter and warmth, and the ubiquitous soundtracks for the head, heart and hip...all the essentials that for some unknown reason have either become too austere, overpriced or somehow simply lost. What is in fact an everyday experience should never be saved up - so lets make it accessible for those with attitude rather than attire...

The Matterhorn has been a world-class local since 1963. To make it last another 40 years, the café will be comprised of an indoor and outdoor courtyard dining area (set off by a double fireplace cornerstone), seating for 100+ patrons, and varnished by the notorious Matterhorn intimacy of an adjacent cocktail bar.

The Matterhorn will offer a product that celebrates our maturing culture. Opening hours will be 9am till late weekdays, and from 10am on the weekends.

Horn opening

Charlie Boylin is the Head Chef. Originally from Porirua, Charlie left New Zealand for a tour of duty at 19 and has spent the past 20 years cutting it up between New York and London's more flavour establishments, including five years touring as rock music's cookie for The Rolling Stones, Blur, The Cult, The Stranglers, Fishbone, Black Sabbath and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Tailor-made for Matterhorn.

The lunch menu will offer a fast, well priced solution to the mid-day dilemma of where to eat. Full dinner menu will operate until midnight, with late supper and bar menu to close - everyday. The lush brunch menu will be served all day on weekends.

The kitchen will offer well-priced and accessible cuisine with an emphasis on contemporary New Zealand and South Pacific flavours, including constantly changing menu specials focused on seasonal and artisan produce. It's relevant, local and contemporary. No noodles.

Its food we've forgotten about or just can't find anymore. Its food we wish we could eat 3 to 5 times a week.

The Matterhorn remains faithful to its roots. The interior will recall the classical, modernist styling of the original late fifties architecture, whilst the kitschy camp of seventies Matterhorn flavour will feature in 'cameo roles'.

The debutants

The Matterhorn will continue to act as a cultural hub and 'local' for the surrounding community. The ethos of being a second home and oasis in the central city remains true, and as such we've built one of the most highly treated 'houses' in the inner city.

Most specifically this means entertainment noise insulation. Musically the Matterhorn will be the plushest cabaret-style venue in town. Live music will feature as a regular schedule on Wednesday, with special one-off showcases of local and international artists on Sundays.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, regular DJs will reign alongside a turntable collective of vinyl junkies rotating through the nights that the residents are on tour elsewhere.

Thursday - B. Low: BassFrontier's Drum & Bass specialist, B-low has one of the largest and most innovative music collections in town. A true innovator across genres, B-low is a rising star and the one to watch

Fridays - DJ Recloose: A Detroit native signed in the USA to Carl Craig's Planet e records and !K7 in Europe. Recloose toured in 2000 to Matterhorn's New Jazz Transplant - a 3 week long Jazz and Electronic Festival held in an abandoned waterfront 1920's ambulance building. Recloose has now based himself at the Matterhorn in between promotional tours to Japan or Europe.

Saturdays - DJ Mu: The Godfather of Wellington's bottom heavy bassheads and one of the country's most innovative music producers and remixers as the man behind Fat Freddy's Drop. Winner of the MPC Championship Battle 2001. Recently licensed to Best 7, part of Jazzanova's Sonar Kollective.

Finally, the Matterhorn collective of Sam, Leon, Christian, Paul and Charlie especially wish to thank all those who have supported us in the 2001 petition.

This challenged the inner city noise restrictions that have impeded a mutual co-existence of our hospitality scene and inner city living. Due to your combined voices of protest it is tabled that Wellington City Council will be initiating mandatory sound ratings on all inner city properties.

Thanks for your support - from this we trust that the Matterhorn will set a new level for the treatment of restaurants and bars in New Zealand - proving that the things we live for can exist in the inner city.

See ya there!!