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Hailing from Ireland, Aotearoa is now the home of DJ Maia, where she has been cranking up the energy of the Psytrance scene since 2002 as event organiser and DJ.
Highly professional, Maia has earned much respect for her technical skills, her dynamic mixing and her ability to interact and connect with the partygoers and really stir up the energy of the dancefloor.

Maia's unique sets are drawn from an eclectic mix of Psytrance, Progressive, funky Tribal, Dub, Breaks, Ambient and underground beats from Aotearoa. Constantly evolving, the soundscapes flow intuitively by being present in the moment.

Maia is a label DJ for Organic Records (UK) and founder of Native Harmonics Records (NZ).

Native Harmonics' first release "Earthbeatz" is an exciting and unique compilation of mostly New Zealand producers performing at the Canaan Downs new years festival. A captivating and flowing journey through a broad diversity of genres: mellow soulful grooves, dub, breaks, drum and bass, progressive psytrance, evocative tribal beats and more... http://nativeharmonics.co.nz/recent-releases

Passionate about putting energy into the dance music scene, Maia co-organised Uprising 07 and Luminate '08 - the highly successful music festivals on Canaan Downs, Takaka Hill. "It is an absolute honour to organise such a diverse music event on this sacred land, and to begin to manifest a vision which I've been nurturing for years."

LUMINATE: an earth friendly festival of music, art, dance, creativity and sustainability, is now set to be an annual event in early February on Canaan Downs. Integrating shamanic trance, and a range of electronic genres, with live music and an acoustic stage, plus workshops, healing zone, fire play zone, tribal drumming zone, movies, arts& crafts market and organic food, the vision is to move deeper into our spiritual and psychic evolution and to celebrate life in a conscious community.

Luminate - 30th Jan - 4th February 2009.
Celebrating the ancient summer harvest festival of Lughnasadgh.

Since 2002 Maia has been DJ-ing regularly at numerous events throughout New Zealand and overseas including Ireland, Germany, USA and England.
In 2006 she performed at a string of outdoor events overseas including the Full Moon Festival (Berlin, Germany), Optimystika (Bremen, Germany), Unconscious Collective (Devon, England), Harbin Full Moon (USA), and Boom Festival (Portugal) where she hosted a New Zealand music show and Qi Gong workshop in the Liminal Village.

Over the years Maia has spun her magic many times for the Wellington crews Inner Eye, Full Om, Psybersonix, and Cosmic Conspiracy amongst others, often teaming up with other musicians to bring a live tribal element into the mix.


In October 2005 Maia completed a three week national tour of New Zealand with Diwata (http://www.sonicrevelations.com), Dj-ing and performing live tribal dub and trance, to promote the release of Diwata's latest cd "Dubscapes and Dancetracks". Another recent highlight was the very memorable Parihaka International Peace Festival performance in March 2006.

Since 2004 she has also been a regular performer in the South Island outdoor scene, where you may have caught her cranking out her distinctive tribal sound for M*A*S*S*I*V*E (Christchurch), Luminate (Takaka), Psy'd Show (Nelson), Rinsed (Christchurch), Stardust (Takaka), Earthrites (Nelson), Deep Dark (Takaka), and at New Years events such as Full Circle, Psychedelic Retirement Village, Uprising '07 and the Canaan Downs Festival.

As co-founder of Psybersonix and Emerge (tribal warehouse parties), and through collaboration with other local psytrance collectives and performers, Maia has also organised various indoor and outdoor underground events through recent years in Wellington.
These events have a distinctive tribal vibe, incorporating fire dancers, Taiko drum ritual performances, live musicians, artists, healers, VJs and Djs and have focused on celebrating the Solstice, Equinox and other ancient seasonal festivals.
A highlight of 2005 was the successful collaboration and highly charged energy of the Dusk Till Dawn Winter Solstice @ the National Tattoo Museum, whilst Winter Solstice '06 proved to be another success, paving the way for this to become an annual event in Wellington's cultural calendar.

Maia hosted the Psysmic Waves show for 18 months on Firm107FM (Tuesdays 11pm-1am) broadcasting to Wellington city and streaming live over the web (http://www.firmfm.co.nz).

For Demos, Bookings, Event management or Promotion e-mail:


UPCOMING EVENTS 2008 include:

Nelson Arts Festival - 17th October, 9pm - midnite, The Granary, Founders Park, Nelson.

Nelson Arts Festival - 18th October, 3-6pm, Village Green, Founders Park, Nelson.

Voyage - 24-26th October, Hamner Springs. http://www.myspace.com/psypirates

Luminate; 30th Jan - 4th Feb 2009, Canaan Downs, Takaka Hill, Golden Bay, Nelson, NZ.

RECENT EVENTS 2008 include:

MASSIVE Winter Soulstice - 21st June, Journey's End, Christchurch.


Blotter - 24th May, Blue Hole, Takaka http://www.psydj.com

Birds Clearing - 17th May, Takaka.

Psy Forest Creatures; 22-24th March, Lowburn, Christchurch.

Luminate '08; 7-11th Feb, Canaan Downs, Takaka Hill, Nelson, NZ. http://www.nativeharmonics.co.nz/luminate http://www/myspace.com/luminatefestival

Parihaka Peace Festival; 11-13th Jan, Parihaka Pa, Taranaki.

Visionz; 18th Jan, Cobb Valley, Takaka.

Canaan Downs Festival; 29th Dec - 2nd Jan, Takaka HIll, Nelson, NZ.

EVENTS 2007 include:

Cat Doof; Waiora Gorge, Nelson, 23rd - 25th Nov

Nelson Arts Festival, Deutz Lighthouse, Nelson, 12 & 13th October 2007

Psylight Sessions, Attic Bar, Wellington, 25th August 2007

Deep Dark 2 @ Blue Hole, Cobb Valley, Takaka 4th - 6th May 2007.

Full Om Psylight Sessions @ Attic Bar, Wellington 14th April 2007.

Psyde Show Easter weekend @ Kaituna, Golden Bay, 7-8th April.

Trancefur @ The Willows, Christchurch, 6th April.

Autumn Equinox @ Waiatua, Takaka, 24th March.

Psychedelic Forest Creatures, Christchurch, 16-18th March.

Bush Zone @ Stardust, Takaka Hill, 24th Feb.

Alien Nation, Wairoa Gorge, Nelson, 4-6th Feb 2007

Amplified Picnic, Nelson, 28th Jan 2007

Uprising 07 NYE, Canaan Downs, Takaka Hill 31st dec - 2nd jan 2007

EVENTS 2006 include:

The Final Countdown, National Tattoo Museum, Wellington, 25th Nov 2006.

Rasta Culture, Wellington, 21st Oct

Karori Spring Equinox, Wellington, 23rd Sept

M*A*S*S*I*V*E Spring Equinox, Christchurch, 16th Sept

Harbin Full Moon, Harbin, USA, 7th Sept

Unconcsious Collective & O.O.O.D. beach party @ Devon, England, 19th Aug

Optimystika-Aotearoa, Bremen, Germany, 15th July

Full Moon Festival, Berlin, Germany, 7-12th July 2006.

Winter Solstice '06, National Tatoo Museum, Wellingotn, 24th June 2006

National Tattoo Museum Fundraiser (Inner Eye), Wellington, 20th May 2006.

Psy'dshow outdoors, Riwaka, Easter weekend 15th-16th April.

Parihaka International Peace Festival, Parihaka, NZ, 10th-12th March 2006. (http://www.parihaka.com), (incl Antix, Sun Control Species, Nick Taylor, Schwa, Max Maxwell)

Earthrites after party, Wellington, 18th Feb 2006, (Cosmic Conspiracy recs).

Earthrites Rising Moon Festival, Waioru Gorge, Nelson 11th-12th Feb 2006. (incl Tetrameth)

Stardust, Caanan Downs, Golden Bay, 4th-5th Feb 2006. (2 sets, main zone and bush zone)

Return to the source Bush Party, Riwaka, Motueka, 7th-9th Jan 2006.

New Years Eve Psychedelic Retirement Village, Takaka, Golden Bay, 31st Dec '05 - 2nd Jan '06. (2 sets psy zone).

EVENTS 2005 include:
Diwata National Tour, New Zealand 10-28th Oct, (http://www.sonicrevelations.com)

Spring Equinox outdoors @ Karori, (Inner Eye/Cosmic Corner/Cosmic Conspiracy recs), Wellington 17th Sept.

Ireland : Solarix @ Temple Bar, Dublin (Neutronix), 10th Aug.

Wobble @ Maya, Wellington 29th June (Cosmic Conspiracy recs).

Winter Solstice Dusk till Dawn @ the National Tattoo Museum, Wellington 25th June (Psybersonix/Cosmic Corner/Sonicrevelations recs/Cosmic Conspiracy recs).

Full Om @ The Big Kumara, Welllington 14th May.

Tribal Rhythms with Maka @ Southern Cross, Wellington 14th April.

Jolly Lolly Eclipse Sunrise @ Red Rocks, Wellington 8th April.

Outrageous @ Waikanae, Kapiti Coast, 5th March.

Electronic Beach Picnic @ Little Tata, Golden Bay, 29th Feb.

Stardust @ Caanan Downs, Golden Bay 22nd Feb.

Optimystika @ Blue Hole, Takaka, Golden Bay, 21st January.

Full Circle (New Years) @ Cobb Valley, Takaka, Golden Bay, 30/12/04 - 02/01/05.

EVENTS 2002 - 2004:

The CosmicFullonPsyberJolly @ Seatoun Beach, Wellington, summer solstice December '04 (Psybersonix, Cosmic Conspiracy, Full Om, Jolly Lolly)

Psybersonix Spring Equinox @ the National Tattoo Museum, Wellington, September '04.

Ireland : Bloop City (with Merv from Eat Static), Belfast, winter solstice Dec 2003.

Various events in Wellington for Psybersonix, Inner Eye, Cosmic Conspiracy, Full Om, Jolly Lolly, Earthdance, Wonderland, Emerge.

Affiliations :

Organic Records UK (http://www.organicrecords.net)
Native Harmonics NZ (http://www.nativeharmonics.co.nz

For Bookings Contact:

"Let us forget the lapse of time, let us forget the conflict of opinions. Let us make our appeal to the infinite and take up our positions there." - Chuang Tzu (taoist sage).