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Lord Street Heroes is katu and cal-d. After doing lunch in Melbourne, this house injected oz/kiwi duo have made things a little bit difficult for themselves by spreading their work over the globe.

Mid 2004 has seen cal move to London to set up a new studio space and establish more contacts in the London and Uk house scene.

Luckily katu has been working his magic and some new choonage has dripped out of the old factory in St Kilda Melbourne.

LSH plan to be London based by early 2005, with a load of new choonage for you in the latter half of 2004.

Kind support from top selectors have helped us spread the love. These outstanding people include: Callam, Danny Boy, Dick Johnson, Jason Kyle, Genetik, DJ Tapan, Hoags, Tiny People, Ivan Gough (Melb), Chris Fortier (NYC), DJ Angelique (LA), Andrew Innes (SLC), DJ Rollo(IRL)

For choonage download visit:
http://www.beatport.com/site/index.php?label_id=241 or http://www.mp3.com.au/lordstreetheroes

Or for newer tracks such as the 'LSH vs Christopher Nightmagic' techhouse remix of Scramblers 'Free' (orig. featured on Phil K's Balance CD)

Please email us lordstreetheroes@gmail.com