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Made in New Zealand

Krackatoa are a dark trance / fusion outfit hailing from Auckland's combining traditional music techniques with modern ones combined in strong melodies and rhythms.

Krackatoa has been releasing tracks regularly since it began in 1998 and has built up its own unique ambient sound and releases tracks via mp3 format throughout the net.

It's music has been used for a Science Fiction audio novel called "This Pointless Thing called Life" where work is underway on it's sequel.

All music is created in a bedroom studio created on Pentium 3 PC/Sound Blaster Live connected to Korg Triton pro Workstation,acoustic guitar and vocals.

Musical influences:- Jean Micheal Jarre,Moody Blues, Herbie Handcock,Apollo 440,Green Nuns of the Revolution,Jean Sibelius,Satie.

Albums:- Komodo Dodo 1999
Monkies In the Temple 2001
Currently working on 3rd CD and looking for a label to sign us.....

We are always looking to collaborate with other artists or video/film makers so any feedback on our music or art is appreciated so don't hesitate to e-mail andre@ihug.co.nz

ICQ Number 147111303