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  • where / Christchurch
  • what / Producer, DJ, Artist
  • likes / Minimal, Metal, Jungle, Jazz

aka Jedd Mcmillan has already made a name for himself as one of Aotearoa's most promising musicians.

A prominent and prolific producer with heavy rotation on bNet radio stations, he is renowned for his entrepreneurship, as co-founder & director of UrbanArmy (http://www.urbanarmy.co.nz), a nationwide society dedicated to breakbeat culture and UnSeen (http://www.unseen.co.nz), a co-operative independent label releasing underground NZ electronica.


Jedd is partner in Cactus Records (http://www.cactusrecords.co.nz), NZ's only online distribution company and is well-known as lead guitarist, vocalist & songwriter for hardcore 3-piece punk/thrash act AXiS, who have just finished recording their debut EP.

While promoting the highly successful all-style 'DropZone' events, which feature local and international hiphop, dub, breaks & drumnbass, he also manages UA (UrbanApparel), a street/casual clothing label committed to furthering the work of emerging NZ visual artists.

With a double major in Marketing & Management and having recently been awarded full writer status by APRA (Australasian Performing Rights Association), Jedd is well equipped to take the South Pacific Sound to the world.