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jet jaguar

Jet Jaguar is Michael Upton. Born and raised in Wellington Michael has been making music since 1991, when he was inspired by a friend's Mum's midi setup! Paging Dr Freud! Jet Jaguar arrives from the sampledelic world of funk, hip-hop and dub.

Genres that have always been reflexive; borrowing riffs, drum patterns and vocals from the past in order to funk them up to create and move forward. Upton utilises a similar approach, lacing tracks with old school samples, odd radio samples and nano-blips from who knows where.

Also critical is Upton's attention to the low-end bass theory. Inspired by 70s dub producers and hip-hop he sees no point in emulating them, Instead he borrows aspects of the dubspace programme to pan, echo and stretch space and time.

Contrary to his musical precision Mr Upton is the owner of messiest studio in the world. Mixing desk balancing upon a derelict pile of vinyl, speakers plonked randomly ontop of old PC hardware whilst cables and wires array in a race to the finishing line of the world's biggest knot contest.

Michael is also involved in several other projects, most notably dub band Dub Connection and dance act Datsun Stereo.

The Jet Jaguar remix of Dub Connection's 'All the Goodness' was voted number 2 on Radio Active's song of the year 2000 chart. More recently his remix of the Black Seeds' 'Coming Back Home' topped the alternative radio charts for yonks, and was nominated in the Best Remix category of the 2002 b.Net Awards.

Along with half of New Zealand's 20-somethings, Michael currently lives in Melbourne. Unlike most he didn't move to seek bigger audiences, just thought it was a nice place to be for a few years.