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  • where / Queenstown
  • what / Producer, DJ
  • likes / Techno, House

Since beginnings as a mild mannered disc rookie in 1999, Jason Kyle has morphed into a non-sporting rural legend and unashamed regional man of mystery.

Maintaining a DJ profile gleaming with events, residencies and enough support slots to make a Pokie machine green with envy. This dj of the deep has droped his hot drink on Mylo, played battleships with German mastermind Ian Pooley, dueled with the Inland Knights, supported both literally and metaphorically “Magic Dick” The Johnson, and showed his piece to The UK’s craziest Penis, Jim 'The Mad' Baron.

These rollercoaster years have developed Jason's double-jointed talent to a flexible all time high. Currently dropping everything from drunk'ed out trancehall sets to collaborations with buskers and 4 hour disc cleaning marathon's.
Recently turning a steady hand to production in further pursuit of the perfect beat, the horizon just keeps expanding. Whatever the call to duty demands.. This man will pulling out the freshest groove, batting it about the face and playing it how its meant to be heard. Serving up enough top shelf, musical quality control to make even the toughest critics, go bump in the night.