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Light up my life

Now identified as I-NZ they continue to provide unique and outstanding lighting for nearly every major dance event in the South Island.

Where other people just provide lighting, I-NZ provides a production experience! Always pushing the limits of technology to present original concepts.

Maintaining a committed team of Dance Culture heads this crew are arguably some of the most experienced and passionate Techs in the business.

With new members quietly joining the ranks and expanding the skill base, the future for I-NZ is getting settled into innovative technical production of the complete show.

Keeping a strong focus on creative technical concepts isolates I-NZ's production from the Rock'n Roll feel of most events. Staying connected with the idea that dance is an immersive experience, I-NZ produce environments that embrace the essence of dance cultures collective experience.

Forwarding thinking event managers who recognise that production is the distinction that makes their events unique and memorable are accessing I-NZ for the specialist touch.

In many examples I-NZ has been solely responsible for pushing the dance scene forward and upping the anti on production expectations for events.

Considerably a dynamic long-term asset to the New Zealand dance scene, I-NZ brings the history of 10 years of events to party.


ASB Jazz Fest Queenstown 06
42 Below Cocktail World Cup 06
MTV @ Snowpark 06

Gathering 96/97
Gathering 97/98
Gathering 98/99
Gathering 99/00
Gathering 00/01
Gathering 01/02

Destinations 2000
Destinations 2001
Destinations 2002

Alpine Unity 01/02
Alpine Unity 02/03




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