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House of Dolls formed from the ashes of two bands; Idols Cracked Like Ice, a short lived hardcore band with a pummelling gothic sound, and the shorter lived Clicks, I.C.L.I survivors who fused drum machines, gothic vocals and synthesisers to create hypnotic, minimal dance music.

London has always been a graveyard of ideas and I.C.L.I whose principal influences were Antioch Arrow and Joy Division were destined to be outsiders.

London 1999 was pre-Strokes fervour and thus in media blackout, I mean total lack of interest in live bands. Hair dyed, shows played, minds blown. Fast forward to London early 2002. Hellish political sunrise dawns in the wake of September 11th and new wave of new wave of new wave of media hype for anyone using re-issued Vox amps or channeling MC5's haircuts.

In the wake of depressing Locust tour support slot (depressing as in 12 in Glasgow people turning up to see one of the greatest US hardcore live acts) Clicks break up. Members Marie Celeste and Kit Lawrence move to Berlin while Daniel O'Sullivan concentrates on majestic psych/Egyptology act Guapo and Tom Hurst delves further into the realms of brain mangling chaos theory/hard maths.
FF late 2003.

Finally breaking their ties with the dustbin of hope that is London Celeste and Lawrence depart via LA (including pilgrimage to San Diego, and the sacred ground of Bankers Hill) for Maries hometown of Christchurch. After a brief deviation playing in Flying Nun act The Shocking Pinks, House of Dolls, the band Lawrence and Celeste formed in Berlin, play out.

Instantly their jarring, moody dance orientated sound finds an audience.

May 2005 Kris Taylor, recently departed from skin duty with Chch live favourites Leper Ballet replaces House of Dolls' Roland 707 and House of Dolls set about tearing up Christchurch with a more aggressive sound fusing all the loose ends; h/c intensity, stone cold moodyness and hypnotic danciness. House of Dolls will be touring, playing and recording all the time. Look out for shows and releases.

Disclaimer: Kit would like to point out that he is from the North West of England and no member of House of Dolls is from London.