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"Music is our life"

High Dosage are breaking out of the mould and taking the world by storm with their monster tunes. Crowd Classics such as "Acid in my Brain", "Religion" and "Witness" are 3 examples of the quality production and sound these boys can produce.

High Dosage have modelled themselves on LAB4 a hardcore DJ group from the UK, and have mixed in their own flavour to produce a quality sound both live and recorded.

With Top DJ's such as Lisa Lashes, Phil Reynolds, Jupe and Justin Bourne using their tunes you know that these boys have a lot of class, also a lot of talent.

Their first CD single and video clip are well on there way to being released, with the long awaited first album a work in progress, these guys are hot!

They have had several singles signed, including three to DJ Jupe and one to Phil Reynolds. Their tune "Fight Club" was snapped up by Rob Tissera for the Hard Dance Republic Compilation (which was the official soundtrack to the 2004 Hard Dance Awards).


Ryan and Terry have managed to capture the uplifting, euphoric sound of Hard Dance and fuse it together with the pounding kicks and driving bass lines of Hard House to create what can only be described as.....


Terry Wizz

Terry had a rather unusual introduction into the dance scene. A few years ago as a very talented soccer player for Reading FC an unforeseen injury saw him being put on the bench to rest. Be it due to boredom or curiosity he was lured to an after hours hard house club down Oxford Street aptly named Provocation. The music was banging, the injury soon forgotten and the rest as they say is history. Soccer star to DJ superstar in the blink of an eye.

Terry moved from the UK to the fair shores of New Zealand in 2000. This gave him a great opportunity to start afresh and work on his mixing. With the help of a few friends Terry quickly tore through the basics and it wasn't long before he was spinning and mixing to perfection.

Fight club

Terry soon harnessed the power and his talent and potential increased, he was soon to secure a residency with Zebedee Productions which meant he got to play along side the likes of Paul Glazby, Phil Reynolds, Karim, Tara Reynolds, and Ben Stevens.

Terry has now put all his focus into High Dosage as his major goal is to take High Dosage to the edge and beyond.

Ryan Tregurtha

Ryan entered into the world of music production at the very young age learning to write tracks on a very basic computer system. Over the years the bug for writing tracks set in, and he slowly built up his own studio, creating every style of music imaginable, including writing tracks for advertising agencies at age 15.

His talent is not only with production but is also a very talented drummer. Ryan's band won the smoke free rock quest at the age of 14 which gave him time at York Street Studios, this led him onto to work with numerous high profile bands, and also a greater interest in production.

Ryan studied at the prestigious Massey University in Wellington for 3 years gaining a degree in Contemporary music performance, majoring in drums and percussion. Once he had the degree he was Auckland bound to complete a diploma in audio engineering and music production graduating at the top of his class for best studio production and best midi production - a first in the history of the Music and Audio institute of NZ.

Ryan is the backbone of High Dosage and is working the production to ensure that High Dosage can be all that it can be.

For booking enquiries email: bookings@cadencerecords.co.nz