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  • where / Christchurch
  • what / Producer, DJ
  • likes / Drum and Bass

Headspace is a drum'n'bass producer from Christchurch, New Zealand. After starting to DJ drum'n'bass in 1998 he quickly moved on to learning music and production techniques.

Headspace has now been producing for 4 years over which time his sound has evolved into the smoother dancefloor side of d'n'b, along the lines of artists such as Influx Datum, Drumagik, and Greg Packer.

Latin influences are currently a feature of recent productions such as 'Fly Away', where aspects of Bossa Nova are incorporated with the basic elements of drum'n'bass to form tracks that reference the feeling of artists like Stan Getz, Joao Gilberto and company, while also retaining dancefloor club appeal.

Although the priority remains production, since 1998 Headspace has played DJ sets in most cities across New Zealand, and has appeared at all the major dance festivals in the South Island over that time.

Headspace tracks are currently being supported by many NZ DJs as well as support from several Australian and UK producers.