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Halogen Girl says 'Hello'

Emma G, aka Halogen Girl, aka Emma Jean, was born in the year of the snake.

Early affairs of the heart were diverse but Clear, Warp, MoWax and Pussyfoot led to her first appearance in a club as an 'electro' dj at 16 years, which event was covered by Pavement magazine.

By this time Emma was hosting 2 shows on Radio Active and performing production assistant duties around math and art classes.

Around this time she ran the parties 'Aspera' and 'Easy Pimps' for 'hard' and 'fun' techno respectively.

She moved into the Burgerdyne warehouse with experimental band Lushburger and liked to go for a ride in the white dodge with the holographic dash.

At 18 she went north for audio-engineering and linguistic infidelity. She loves principles and parameters, charting units of sound and meaning, their mutation and generation..

'mein vader is nederlands' led to 'lyte svenska' led to 'jibun wa ongakuzuki'.

She incidentally held a radio show on bFM, and djed in clubs and beachside cafes. The legendary 'Straylight' and 'Psurkit' events. Supported Hardfloor, Plastikman, and SpaceDJz amongst others.

The Slipstream specialist radio show was begun circa 1999, and this continues with co-hosts Miles Kuen and Matt Drake.

Staying in Osaka for 2 months, playing at Club Rockets, and staying at Torema Records HQ in Tokyo for 3 months, inspired her to follow irrationality.

Thanks to the following people and nights: Fumiya Tanaka, Subhead, Mayuri, Olivier, djs Taro, Yoshiki and Eddy, DMX Krew at Shibuya FM, MASK parties, Lo Soul@Loop, DJ Spinna at Club Asia, post-rock, techno, house and abstract jazz at deMode and Cisco records, Mark de Clive Lowe, Kaidi Tatham, Manuel Bundy, Cameron Undy and Isao Osada for live virtuosity.

Finally Auckland's horizon's continue to brighten and broaden with nights 'Hardsoul' and 'Girls Love Bass'..

Halogen Girl makes outings as 'Emma Jean' with live electronic crossover band Shorai Club. This project gets art and madness from Kosuke Masuda and Pinky Paris: Free Art!

In November 2002 Emma Jean heads to the Redbull Music Academy in Sao Paulo, Brazil

but "Inspiration is everywhere.. take a look!"