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  • where / Auckland
  • what / DJ
  • likes / Roots, Reggae, Ragga, Jungle, Hip Hop, Dub, Drum and Bass, Dancehall

Mike Holland aka Getafix has been spinning Jungle/D&B since 2001. He shows his Ragga and Hip Hop influences with his style development through to a ragga bashment mash up of genres.
2003 was about rockin' parties with Auckland's "Data:Bass Kru" at Paradise Bar, Supper Club and Foci as DVS. Producing as DVS at the time, Mike's tune Told U B4 was released on Data:Bass' "Search & Destroy" album.

During this time Mike joined Scott Detail (Culprit) and Harry Fiction on "The Data:Bass Show" on Fleet fm. All 3 later broke free from Data:Bass with Mike and Culprit re-launching as "The Jump Up Sit Down Show".

In 2004 Getafix was created to deliver The Remedy on Julia FM. The "Drum and Bass Addicts" (DBA) kru picked up Mike to play at regular D&B gigs at Viper Club and Foci. Over the year he started playing more genres such as Ragga/UK Hip Hop, Dancehall, Reggae and Dub to develop his unique mash up style. This didn't go unnoticed and Getafix gained support of promo releases from Sativa Recordings UK, in particular MC YT and Nat Clarxon.

In August 2004 "The Remedy" came under the wing of BASE FM (chur chur Manny). Since then Mike's focus has been on representing for BASE FM and "Evasive Manuvers Recordings", as well as continuing to rock the promo goodness from Sativa Recordings UK. Starting July 2005, Getafix presents "Low Freq" Bashment parties at Rising Sun each month. Where Auckland's finest DJ's in the Bashment style skank and roll through the genres for a ragga ride none shall forget.