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100% psychedelic trance

After spending 3 years in the Psychedelic Trance scene in Japan, 3 friends came home to find that their favourite music was non existent in Wellington-hence Full-Om was established and after a little help from friends and family a psychedelic trance scene was born in Wellington.

With an emphasis on the more full-on side of Psy trance, Full-Om have been holding monthly parties in Wellington to a small but growing and appreciative audience who understand the powerful global spirit that is taking the underworld by force.

With an emphasis on 100% psychedelic trance there are no mixtures of flavours or styles outside the Psy Trance spectrum- we cover it all from Plastic Park to Doof to Acidance to 3D Vision records. Our decorations are also something we take pride in, aiming to establish a total UV environment only.

With the future literally looking bright for Psy trance in Wellington, Full-Om are looking at ways to promote Psy Trance in Wellington through indoor/outdoor parties, making Psy Trance and through the sale of Psy Trance Cds

alien contact fullom@paradise.net.nz