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  • where / Wellington
  • what / Producer, DJ
  • likes / Techno, Rock, Progressive, Metal, House, Electro, Dub

I have a laptop

I produce music that's heavily influenced by techno and trance but which blends in free improv, found sound, academic electroacoustica, awful awful lounge, pop, and the types of things my friends and musical cohorts are doing with commodore 64s and broken and bent keyboards and effects units.

I'm currently on an improv buzz, playing live with no preparation. I like making music that moves from haunting and deep through to abrasive and obnoxious and then back to haunting, when and if i can.

Currently experimenting with a band - my laptop, bass, keys, guitar+efx+voice+imagination, and whoever else shows up to the jam sessions. I sample them, warp and loop them, and feed them back to them. we build up beats and break them back down again.