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Flipside Records

Unfortunately Flipside closed in 2003. Fond Memories.

Flipside on Bond St Are Wellington's Dance + Electronica Music Specialists

Flipside is an essential stop for anyone that's into underground dance music. Our strength is specialising in underground music of all varieties. As such we don't stock commercial music driven by the marketing machines.

Musical styles available at Flipside are Drum 'n Bass, House, Techno, 2-Step, Hard House, Hip-Hop and Downbeat along with a bit of electronica and a few others that are hard to pigeonhole.

We also sport a dedicated New Zealand Music section which covers a diverse range of styles along with a few obscure pieces of Kiwi electronica unavailable anywhere else. New Vinyl & Compact Discs arrive several times a week.

Flipside Records History

John Jameson & Andrew Hawkes in Victoria St opened Flipside Records after Easter Weekend in 1994.

The original focus for Flipside Records was as a Dance / Alternative Rock store with a definite commercial edge to satisfy the mainstream.

DJ Hardware has always been one of Flipside's main activities and this follows through to the present day.

A move to Willis St (nowadays the ex Hound Dog shop) in 1997 saw a change in musical focus, basically dropping Alternative Rock in favour of a more electronica based style, but still retaining a strong commercial music section to accompany the prime Willis St location.

A third relocation in January of 1999 signalled the end of unsustainable Willis St commercial rental rates for Flipside's premises, into the more underground-friendly location of 18a Bond St

This move also saw an end to stocking commercial music - by this stage the Major chains were starting to have price wars, as they do to this day, and this was not something that Flipside could be involved in.

The following years saw Flipside evolving into today's diverse range of jazzy-funky lounge / downbeat tunes that runs right through to House, Hip-Hop, Drum 'n Bass and Hard House.

In October of 1999, the business was sold to today's owner, Jeremy Lawson. Nowadays, the Flipside Records team incorporates the friendly professional bunch that is: Jeremy, Barret, Bubbles, Andy Bell, Mr. Ree, Shadowgirl, Ddog & Charlotte