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  • where / Wellington
  • what / Artist
  • likes / Techno, Jazz, Hip Hop, Glitch, Electro, Dubstep
What we sound like

Currently we are a collaboration of two. Circumstance will expand and diversify the project towards a self-sustaining artistic collective intent on diversifying sonic and visual conventions.

The album Peacock People arose from the intention to create a unique form of sample-based music that extended past traditional associations with hip hop and dance music. Samples, ideas, criticism and magic were exchanged between our two heroes, all in the quest to create a decent disc. First, the 33's and 45's were selected and critiqued. Next, the juicy bits were sampled, processed, compiled and tweaked. Adjustments were made, sections were programmed and finally it was time to bounce. Influenced by a variety of genres, the album exhibits a creative synergy as intriguing its' disparate elements. The amalgamation of jazz, hip hop, electro and stripped-back techno grabs the listener and propels them into a world of cut-up samples, nerdy synths and low slung breakbeats. It is a cauldron of eclecticism where trans-genre synthesis simmers and breeds with bacterial efficacy. There are enough hooks to organise a block party, and nuances to raise an eyebrow; so enjoy it loud on the coat tails of a double espresso.

What we look like

http://www.filmic.co.nz http://www.myspace.com/filmicsound