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empathy recordings

Since their protoytpe drumnbass relase 'empathy' back in 2002, Wellingtons empathy recordings have been working hard to promote the unique breakbeat sounds of Wellington and beyond.

With a core crew of producers 'cform' and 'double_negative', plus regulars 'hoyager', 'the lorax', 'kovski' and 'theupbeats', local producers now have an outlet for tunes that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Styles range from the dancefloor drumnbass sounds of 'agentalvin' through to eclectic jazz influenced madness courtesy of 'hoyager'.

Emapthy are also looking to bridge gaps between the breaks and dnb scenes, recruiting producers from Christchurch and Auckland.

Following the success of the 'plug_in drummer' album, empathy are looking forward to this summers mash-up of breakbeat goodness, a compilation c.d. entitled 'is this code'.

Empathy releases are availiable nationwide and the team can be contacted via their website, http://www.empathy.co.nz.