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We live in the Pacific

Dub Asylum is the latest musical alias for Peter McLennan, former member of 90s reggae-thrash-punk-ska mutants the Hallelujah Picassos . Dub Asylum is a musical mash-up of dub reggae, hip hop and funk, genres that weigh heavy on Peter's ears. "I like a tune that throws sweet melodies in your earholes and shakes your ass at the same time," he explains.

Dub Asylum continues on with many of the musical elements present in the Picassos sound, taking them on a more electronic bent. Mixing up scratchy old hip hop drum loops and samples with dubbed out guitar and keyboards, Dub Asylum cook it all up in a massive sonic stew that is guaranteed one hundred per cent colesterol-free, and full of your daily vitamin requirements.

The first full length album 'SHE DUBS ME, SHE DUBS ME NOT' is due out in September 2002 thru Antenna/EMI, and features contributions from Nick Atkinson (Supergroove, the Roughness), Bobbylon (Hallelujah Picassos), Sandy Mill (SJD, Spacesuit), John Pain (Hallelujah Picassos, Pains People) and Tom Ludvigson (Trip to the Moon, Alloy).

Actor Willa O'Neill (Scarfies, Topless Women Talk About Their Lives) joins in on vocals for 'You're so sensible', revealing her hidden singing talent, and proving she is adept behind the mic as she is up on the screen. Willa also shot a video for the song, while living in Vietnam last year. Talented wee thing, aint she?

The first single, called R U READY, has undergone a radical reworking at the hands of ace remixer Paddy Free, who is one half of electronica duo Pitch Black, and was responsible for producing Salmonella Dub's latest hugely successful album, Inside the Dub Plates.