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Dj sueme

I get my kicks from screaming at mad, tweak-it-till-it's-cut, splice-happy DJ's. I really, really like it. DJ Sueme is a mad, tweak-it-till-it's-cut, splice happy DJ (and some), who gets his kicks from being screamed at by a bunch of kids like me - he really, really likes its. It should be no suprise then that when the two met Saturday night at Studio Nine things went off - really, really off.

This happy punter managed to sneak in a two minute interview after his set and found out just what a nice guy he is too....:

Happy Punter: First of all I loved your set - that was mad, I've never seen anything like it.

DJ Sueme: Hey cool, you know you've got tell that to the promoters you know. I wanna come back, this is awesome.

HP: Tell me how you got your DJ name.

DJS: I was actually in London and I owed some guy some money, this is before I left for Japan, and I called him and he was getting really nasty and he was going 'Do you want me to come round to your house' you know...I just went, like, 'Fuckin Sueme' you know and slammed the phone down and I thought - 'my god - a DJ name, and I was going to Japan you know and it's Japanese so...yeah, there you go.

HP: You've just been playing at Tresor in Berlin, what was that like?

DJS: Yeah that was Subhead live (Sueme's live set project of late), after a week in England we were working on a dub-regga-techno thing that was really, really exiting and played at Tresor - really nervous but no need - it went down really well.

HP: Excellent. And Berlin? Cool scene or what?

DJS: Berlin's a wicked scene, like, Tresor is really cool...but the day life's a bit weird, there's a sort of attitude thing happening ya know...

HP: Yeah man.

DJS: Then we went to Brussels which we're quite familiar with, ya know, Berlin was a first. Germany but not Berlin ya know. Anyway, we went to Brussels - 19 year old promoters and shit - right in the suburbs of Brussels with a big canal and shit...

HP: Phat...

DJS: Absolutely blinding. The sound system didn't work 'till 1:00 am but when it did kick in everyone went absolutely mental so ...yeah. Wicked.

HP: Nice. How long have you been making records?

DJS: Ah, first subhead came out January '96.

HP: Relatively young label.

DJS: It is really...yeah.

HP: What made you turn to that side of things?

DJS: The opportunity arose to use a friends studio, he had the gear and it was nice gear ya know...we got to learn the shit really quickly. You see we were going out to Lust (a regular gig in London) alot, with Jeff Mills and Ritchie Hawtin playing a lot and shit and even bands like Autechre so basically I get my inspiration from them.

HP: So its always been techno?

DJS: Yeah definately. You see, now it's quite cool 'cause people are not expecting 'banging' all the time. It gives us a bit of leeway to play or write somethinmg else. So hence we've got two new labels: Jason Leach, my partner, he's got a label called Fix and I've got one just started called dotcom.

HP: Have you heard much of the NZ electronica coming out?

DJS: Only around Ange's (dj Shadowgirl) house (ha, ha, ha) - I've noticed you guys really, really, love your techno. The dancefloor stayed packed when I was playing so that's cool. It doesn't matter if people have got their arms in the air or any of that shit. The people here are dancing and they're loving it.

HP: Sweet. Thanks once again man.

DJS: Thanks for a good night. Alright.