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Is this Snitch

BA degree in Politics, Philosophy and English from Auckland University.

Senior writer for Remix Magazine, dj and promoter; Snitch began djing 10 years ago as a teenager at house parties.

He played an eclectic mixture of rock and pop (Pixies, Shihad, the Cure and Madonna say...) Hip hop (Tribe called Quest, Run DMC) reggae (Bob Marley, Earnest Ranglin) and whatever else would get people rocking.

Elements of all these styles can still be found in his dynamic dancefloor selections today.

In the early 90's he began playing at bFm and a number of bars and pool halls throughout Auckland, notably a residency at the Control Room. And then he started to fixate more on beats. Funky beats.

This craving for fat beats and fresh sounds led him to quit buying cd's and start buying vinyl - the only way to source the hot tunes that arrived every week.

Those years of playing cd's to drunken munters quickly paid off, as he progressed quickly enough to land a (still running every Thursday) residency at the underground club Fubar, the week it opened.

Greg Churchill spotted Snitch's talent not long after, and asked him to play his first gig at the Box. Snitch then set about promoting two regular parties at Fubar: "Technic" where he played House, Techno and Tech-House with comrades Churchill, Paul Dean, Wellington's dj Filter and more.

At the same time he also began pushing nu school breaks, 2 step and electro with a party called "Chunk" featuring Timmy Schumacher and himself, with guests such as Manuel Bundy, Roger Perry, Australia's Kid Kinobe, Jason Howsen and more.

Over the past 3 years Snitch has supported internationals Terry Francis, DJ Zinc and Adam Freeland while also playing clubs and bars in Auckland, Napier, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Wellington, and the midnight slot on New Years Eve in the House tent at this year's Gathering.

He plays a diverse set that incorporates many styles of house, techno and breakbeats, but whatever Snitch plays, it's guaranteed to be fat, chunky, and fresher than ya mama's buns...