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DJ R. Araujo got on to the decks four years ago right about when dance culture hit hard in Curitiba, Brazil (mini geography lesson: Curitiba is located in southern Brazil, just south west of Sao Paulo with roughly a million and a half residents). With a strong musical background (including flute, piano and drums), R. Araujo went over to England in 1999 for a course on music production and discovered the sound of the London Techno Underground. He also wears the hat of promoter with no less than three active production companies under his belt; Big Fish which has been throwing underground parties for two years bringing in people like Rowland The Bastard, Thermobee, DAVE the Drummer and more. Another one called Technose which specializes in all flavours of techno once every two months hosting djs such as Mark EG, Android, Andreas Kremer, etc, and another called Acid Park which is a project revolving around rave and open events bringing in people like Chris Liberator, Ant and more. After his return from Englad, R. Araujo went to work on building his own Big Fish Studios and his debut tracks will be coming out shortly under the BR 909 Records label which specializes in Brazilian underground Techno. it's not from Chicago or London, but it's still f*'in avin' it!