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jet-setting Puppy

As well as being an established visual artists, Paul "DJ Puppy" Walsh has been spinning tunes on Radio Active for 5 years as well as playing at pretty much every venue round town (Indigo, Valve, Studio 9, Nine Bar, Bodega, Matterhorn, etc)..

His first gig was supporting Rockers HiFi, and since then he's played at a range of gigs, including the Toastie parties, Sandwiches, Dark Forces, The Gathering, as well as support for a number of international acts at Studio 9.

Puppy has been advancing into production as well recently.

After producing an original soundtrack for the Fringe Award-winning play "Showshalist", he used that expertise to begin producing original music.

To date he has released three tunes, featuring local hip-hop MC's MC Que and MC Imon Star.

Puppy has recently flown to London to pursue his artistic dreams, but will no doubt return to these fair shores to bless Aotearoa with his quirky approach to boom-bap beats sometime soon.