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innovative and influential

DJ Presha has been a major player in the New Zealand scene for the past six years. He has also conquered international crowds in Miami (Metalheadz) and the UK (Metalheadz, Valve, Movement), as well as Singapore and Australia.

Responsible for The Breaks and Glide, two of the most innovative and influential nights in New Zealand Drum & Bass history, his years of hard work and dedication to the scene have paid off with many of the UK's top producers providing him with new music virtually as it is made. He is also one half of the long-running Subtronix Promotions Organisation, helping bring the best of the world's Drum & Bass artists to New Zealand audiences for the last five years.

DJ Presha's most recent role of A&R for newly-formed label Subtronix Recordings has been another high point in his involvement with Drum & Bass, but at the heart of his drive is his passion for DJ'ing.

Look also for music produced by Presha in collaboration with some major UK artists to surface this year.....