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1. Name // ALISA a.k.a. Patience

2 Birthplace // Lumsden, Southland, N.Z.

3. Current Residence // Vancouver, B.C., CANADA

4. Previous Haunts // Vancouver, Whistler, London, New York, Perth, Sydney, Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin & Queenstown.

5. First Dance Music Experience // Base (Ch.Ch.) in the mid 90's, then a log cabin near Majic Lake in B.C. Canada.

6. Favourite Genre // People get too caught up in 'genres', I just LOVE good music!!

7. Favourite Local NZ DJ // 'D-Jade' (Mich) - Drum 'n' Bass D.J. 'Misda Nil' - Smooth Techno, Speedy - Dub. Turbo - Turntablist. Our local Q'Town D.J's are a talented crew & extremely supportive of eachother & I can't say enough about them!!

8. Favourite DJ // Hhhmmm thats a tough one.....there's a list...Gaudi (He Plays Live...With A THEREMIN!!).Deadmau5 ( He Wears A FULL Mouse Mask While Playing!?! ), Carl Cox...Have You Seen His SMILE??!!!,

9. Favourite Producer // Pacific Heights (N.Z.), Shapeshifter (N.Z.), Max Maxwell (NZ), Tom Middleton (U.K.), Taho (France), Liquid Stranger (USA),

10. Favourite Remixer // As you may have noticed I'm NO GOOD at picking favourites!!!

11. Favourite Tune Of The Moment // You've GOT to be kidding??!!......Uuummmm.....This changes weekly

12. All-time Favourite Tune // This goes in the 'TOO HARD' basket, although Lamb's 'Gorecki' is outstanding both musically & lyrically!!

13. Other Musical Influences (if any) // Grace Jones, Altered Images, Malcom McLaren, Jean Michel Jarre, The Art Of Noise, Cabret Voltaire, New Order, Joy Division, Yazzoo, The Orb, Pitch Black, Pacific Heights, Henry Mancini, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, My Mum (Ballet Teacher) & My Dad (Music Enthusiast).

14. Why Did You Begin DJing? // To impress a boy.....it WORKED.....he's now my HUSBAND!! In saying that, years as a Radio DJ & having studied classical ballet & choreography, MUSIC has ALWAYS given me freedom of expression.

15. How Long Have You Been DJing? // Well it depends what you define as D.Jing?? I have been a radio D.J. spanning 15 years but I have only been playing in clubs & festivals since 2001. In fact my first gig was April Fools Day!

16. Best Venue Or Party Played // Surreal (Queenstown, N.Z), Subculture (Quenstown, N.Z.), Apartmentone (Wanaka, N.Z.), On top of Treble Cone Mountain (Wanaka, N.Z.)

17. Ultimate Club Or Party To Play At // 'Spirit Circle', B.C. Canada. 'Saturday Soundsations', (Monthly Warehouse Gig) Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Clubs are fun but really ANY outdoor setting is ULTIMATE for me. I feel a bigger sense of 'freedom' & a warmer sense of 'intimacy' in Nature.

18. Favourite Club To Party At // Vinyl & Twilo in New York for sure (GOOD TIMES)!! Mind you Mel & Erich at Surreal (Q'Town, N.Z) & Mich & the crew from Sunbculture put on a good party!!

19. Ideal DJ Set // Any set that makes the people listening to it FEEL something, is ideal for me.

20. Favourite Radio Show & Station // The now 'defunked' The Studio 96.8FM (Queenstown, N.Z.) - 'Recycled Retro'. Not exactly the hippest show by everyone's standards but what can I say I'm an 80's girl!! It's soooo fun!! In fact this station was filled with GREAT radio shows but unfortunately....Corporate Radio won out. I don't really listen to Radio stations anymore.

21. Favourite Piece Of Equipment // HEADPHONES!!!!! I could stay in there for days!!!!

22. Favourite Record Shop // That's hard - to be honest, I find Record Shops to be a little complacent & frustrating! As far as online record shops I would have to say Beatport.

23. What Inspired You To Become A DJ ? LOVE!

24. What Makes A Decent DJ ? The PERSON they ARE!! No Question!!

25. What Do You Enjoy Most About Being A DJ ? I am inspired when people appreciate my music & get a sense of what I am about by what I play & quite simply just getting LOST in the music.

26. Where Is The New Zealand Scene Progressing To ? Well, I think if we are not careful it will disappear down the 'Drug Drain' if we keep disrespecting it! Reason to go to a 'Party' or 'Rave' these days seems to be an excuse to get 'f***ed up' or 'munted' & how good the 'Party' is depends on the 'drugs'???!!! New Zealand is definitely one of the 'venues' for the future as we are coming into our 'own'. People in the Global dance scene are starting to sit up & take notice of "GODZONE".

27. What Artists Do You See As Your Inspirations ? (add reasons if you like) Does 'Mother Theresa' count as an 'artist'? Let's see....Bono (U2) - Seeing an artist use his fame for the 'greater good' is inspiration for all!! Ryan Edward Harris - This poet, film maker, actor & writer 'could' inspire a world! Dame Margot Fonteyn (Famous Prima Ballerina) - Who's grace inspires still even after her death. Frida Khalo, kahllil Gibran, Mary Haskell.

28. Any Advice For Up And Coming Deejays // "Don't let anyone TELL you what you should or shouldn't be playing. Just play what YOU love not what others tell you is the 'hippest' genre!!!".