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What do all these do ?

Rabid record collector, seeker of beats and basslines, other than that I'm a bit of a slacker really ;) I would like to tour the world and reinvent the sound known as drumnbass, but I'm also a potential president of the procrastinator's society. Aren't we all... I've been using the "Conspiracy" moniker as my performing name for about 10 years now, so it stays more out of habit than anything else. Yes, I'm a DJ (no surprise there), and one of the country's longest standing junglists.

At the moment I'm (ir)regular resident of the fortnightly Bass Frontiers club down at Studionine/Subnine (pic is from a one of those nights at Studionine last year), an IT helpdesk job supports my vinyl habit... I'm sure I've got a lot in common with a lot of people out there.

I've stuck with almost exclusively Drum & Bass for the last 6 years or so because it fills my need for soul & rhythm, its roots are in my favorite genres: Jazz, Reggae, Hip-Hop and Techno, and it's an honest form really. No fecking around.

Will I continue to stick with Drum & Bass "forever"? No idea. I will keep buying it and playing it as long as I love it. Drum&bass is showing more depth all the time, and given its roots I doubt we'll see a loss of momentum for some time. There is till a lot of territory to be covered, and I'm happy to continue to be one of those on the frontier, charting the undiscovered ground.

Was that enough bullshit? Can I have more space please? ^_^

Okay... shouts to: D-Dog, Kava, Nikal, Sal, JDM, B-Lo, Sean Deans, AG, Basix, Subtrak and the rest of the Filthy Forum, Mana, B-Line, Nick D, Presha, Sonic, Matt, Evan Kiljoy, the other Matt, Jay Pots and Josh, Mosus, Pylonz, DJ Kaps, all the other NZ D&B producers out there! Dallas, Daimon, Armand, Liam, Shannon, Barnaby, Carl and the http://www.radioactive.fm massive, Lemon, and the guy who plays 4 hours of D&B on Firm every Saturday. I wish I had a better memory for names.