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DJ Bubbles

Many years ago, a six year old picked up a couple of records and played them - over and over - on his brand new decks. The records were cut out of old cardboard boxes and painted black. The decks - or turntables - were a couple of ABC beer crates purloined from the old Clarendon Hotel car park. This was a radio DJ in the making, spinning records and, as he put it, he loved being 'in the chair, on the air, with stacks of wax and solid gold tracks!"

Today, Brendan Clarke is a little bit older, his gear is somewhat more high tech and he is better known as 'Bubbles' - a passionate house DJ and producer who started playing records after a long term relationship with the dance music scene.

His love for a broad range of music genres had progressed his desire to get behind the decks, 'read' the floor and get people dancing to his own flavour and flow of music.

Bubbles' base is Wellington New Zealand, and he has been playing consistently since December 1999. His progression - which saw him move out of trance and into the house - has been rapid. He is now widely acknowledged to be one of New Zealand's finest House DJ's. His styles are difficult to categorise, as Bubbles' skills include the ability to mix up multiple genres in his sets. From tech and prog to mellow and funky, the flow is impeccable, with - as one punter was heard to say 'mixes as smooth as golden syrup.' He is one professional DJ that genuinely warrants the term professional. He has earned it.


For Bubbles, playing other peoples tunes was always only going to be a part of the equation. Over the last two years he has been quietly honing his not insignificant ability to produce his own, unique sounds: the House of Bubbles! And it is this very sound that will add to the experience he brings to the booth every weekend at some of New Zealand's premier venues.

This self-produced music will soon find a wider audience when it is released under Bubbles' own label which is currently being established.

Working at Firm Records with Dannyboy has also advanced Bubbles' career and his already vast musical knowledge. He also plays on Radio Active, Wellington's leading youth culture radio station. Bubbles - along with DJ Schmoo - make up 'The Housing Project' which has built up an incredibly loyal following and an ever-growing radio audience.

Bubbles is well respected by his peers for his unique style of house and his deadly accurate, seamless mixing. This respect is best evidenced by the quality of the international DJ's that he has supported on numerous occasions.

He is incredibly professional in his approach to the music scene.
While Bubbles is full of surprises, one thing is certain: Book Bubbles and you will not be disappointed.

(And, if you need a few more seats, he may even be able to provide a few ABC beer bottle crates to help out!)

Bubbles has recently been in the Biggie Dj awards and won in the following categories as voted by the Punters

  • Second Best Dj in Wellington (Behind Dannyboy)
  • Best Dj in his genre - House