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bad enough for ya'

From the notorious streets of South Auckland, the number one Independent Hip Hop Company in New Zealand, Dawn Raid Entertainment presents the Deceptikonz.

Formed in 1996, and hailing from the South Auckland suburb of Manurewa, Deceptikonz are New Zealand's lyrical ambassadors for Hip Hop music. Consisting of 4 MC's: Savage, Devolo, Alphrisk and the mighty Mareko (Ma-wrek-co).

Introduced to the team at Dawn Raid Entertainment through a cousin in the group K.A.O.S (who had the single and video '2000 Beyond' out through Dawn Raid),
Deceptikonz skills were undeniable. Dawn Raid Entertainment wasted no time in putting the boys straight in the studio, resulting in the group's debut on the underground album of 2001 'Southside Story 2: International' (nominated for best Hip Hop album of 2001 at the 95bFM music awards). Their breakthrough underground hit "Elimination" shocked local airwaves with their unique lyrical style and intimidating production, so much so that they were nominated for Best New Group at the 2001 95bFM awards without officially releasing a single.

The Deceptikonz name was strengthened even further after lead MC Mareko was crowned 'Best MC in New Zealand' after winning the National Battle for Supremacy.

After destroying a number of live shows including performances with A-Trak at the ITF Finals, a national tour with Bone Thugs N Harmony and recently Mr. Short Khop, Hip Hop fans across New Zealand recognize the group for their high energy performances, tight lyrical flow and unorthodox humor, which has had the group in hot demand for the local live circuit.

Not content to sit around and wait for things to fall in place, Deceptikonz began work on their debut release, initially slated as the 6 track 'Verbal Abuse EP'.
Once inside the lab, their lyrical genius could not be locked down, and the decision was made to upgrade the EP with a side of fries to the full length (13 track) album 'Elimination'.

"Elimination the song is what made us, and now we're eliminating the competition, so the name's fitting," states Savage.

Understanding that lyrics alone don't make good songs, the groups have worked hard to understand how to man the boards themselves and direct the musical content and production so that it appeals to the underground student market, whilst simultaneously whetting the appetites of the mainstream consumer. On "Elimination" Mareko passes production duties to a few of NZ's best producers, including P-Money and John Chong-Nee of gold selling group AKA Brown.

"Sonically the album is tight from beginning to end. We worked on each track individually to reflect our style," says Mareko, "we're broadening the spectrum of New Zealand Hip Hop".

The first radio song's 'Fallen Angels' with beats by P-Money, and 'More Than Meets The Eye' produced by Chong-Nee are a good example of the group's diversity. "Fallen Angels" features members of the Auckland City Choir, and draws you in with its smooth harmonies. Then the group hits you out of nowhere with the anthem infested funk of 'More Than Meets The Eye'. 'Broken Home' a solo song by group member Savage is a painful tale of his biological father and shows a raw, personal side to the album, while 'U Want Beef' is a clear notice to anyone contesting their crowns as the best MCs in New Zealand.

With an introduction from platinum group Mobb Deep, guest drops from Alchemist, Fat Joe and members of Wu Tang Clan, and word play like New Zealand has never seen before, Deceptikonz are the final stage of Hip Hop's evolution. You've been warned.