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As well as organising and participating in regular events, we run our own 0474:8455 Recordings label and produce a free irregular 'zine, "K.urb". Catch us Monday nights on Fleet 88.3fm for up front Drum'n Bass and late night Thursdays on Kfm 106.8 for liquid and fresh cuts with the ill mentality going out across Auckland Central.

Auckland: Indisputedly one of the most significant Drum'n Bass Centres outside the UK. Although Data:Bass came together as a collective of DJs commited to wicked music and great gigs, as dedicated musicians we wanted to to build our movement with our own unique contribution to the scene. As well as promoting the network and the gigs, we have the opportunity to test our tunes in a proper live setting and expose them to a critical audience. From this 0474:8455 recordings has become the Data:bass Network's most potentially dangerous weapon. Also working together means a pooling of skills, strengths, and of course software + samples.


amongst the talent that's here, we're making an opportunity for each other - our compilations of different new names is always going to generate more interest than a samey solo effort - especially when a pooling of resources and talents can allow us to present a higher quality product. But this is the beauty of the electronic genres - A choon's a choon - you can't deny a Spaced Invader or a Kerbkrawler when it drops. And if our choons are good enough to be played out alongside such masterpieces why couldn't they be the next Morning Light - mastered or not?


Until now 0474:8455 Recordings has concentrated on distributing free, full length CD compilations of the best work from our affiliated artists, the focus being on establishing a viability within the Drum'n Bass market while our collective production skills are still developing and the stand out tunes are making themselves known. These CDs are not professionally mastered or pressed but are an excellent way of exposing the best new work from a wealth of up and coming artists while raising the funds for a proper CD release. We now have a keen and able distributor who is taking these CD's nationwide.

Naturally our compilations will be dance floor oriented, around 180bpm. more experimental breakbeats will more likely be considered under the "Mental Illness" subsidiary. But if you've got a demo, even if it's work in progress, send it in . . .

0474:8455 Records, c/o Data:bass Network, PO Box 78-104, Grey Lynn, Auckland, Aotearoa, Earth.