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Oldschool Bastard!

At the age of 14 Dannyboy first put his hands on 2 pieces of vinyl with the intention of beat mixing the 2 together, since that first experience he has gone from strength to strength developing in many different ways into the Dj he is today. He secured his first residency when he turned 15, having to hide his age from those who would stop him from playing in a licensed establishment at such a young age.

Skip forward and Since then he has played in every bar, club, Party, and club night worth mentioning in Wellington, and indeed has played around the whole country, pushing his own very unique presentation of music, and he is widely respected by his peers and punters alike as a Dj that always delivers to his floor.

Musically Dannyboy will always surprise as he is able to play many different genres of music, he has the flexibility to do one style comprehensively or as he also likes to put forward, he can mix the whole lot up into what becomes a mix n match of music which is lovingly put together in the most creative of ways. In some ways it is a waste of time trying to describe in words what his sets sound like, when the only way to paint a true picture is to see him in a venue doing that thing that he does so uniquely.

In 1999 Dannyboy opened in Wellington along with fellow Dj Ryan Salt, and the store is now one of the busiest vinyl stores in the country, servicing customers up and down the country. A year later Firm Fm was born and is attracting a very loyal following and setting the underground musical tone for the city.

Last Year Dannyboy left Wellington for 5 months to work as the Marketing manager on the well respected New years eve party called The Gathering in Nelson and since then has moved back to Wellington and is now taking time in his studio to concentrate on music production which he has been doing for the last 3 years.

In addition to his business ventures and Production work Dannyboy finds the time to play around the country on a regular basis and has developed a very loyal following in different centres including Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, and many more in between. He is respected around the country by his peers because he is professional, Flexible, Meticulous in his approach to Djing, and great fun to work with but also because he has been one of the main players in the Wellington dance scene for the last 14 years.

To date Dannyboy has supported some distinguished Dj's - here are just a few

John Digweed (UK)
Kasey Taylor (Australia)
Austin Leeds (Miami) on 3 occasions
Lucien Foort (Netherlands) on 2 occasions
Clive Henry (Peace Division)
Inland Knights (UK)
Michael Angelo (Los Angeles)
Hippe & Halo (Los Angeles)
Carlos (Chicago)
Graham Gold (UK)
Gavin Griffin (Australia)
Mark Dynamix (Australia)
Karma (Australia)

And many more

And he has played at many different parties including the following:

The Gathering - House Room and Main Stage
Gathering Momentum - House & Trance Rooms
Unity - Progressive Room
Destination - Main Stage
Fevah - House Room
Winter Solstice Party - Main Stage
Evolution - Main Stage
Sweetwater's - Dance Tent
Hospitality Industry Ball - Main Room
Wobble - Main Room
Club Lovely - Main Room
Prog 1 - 5 - Main Room

Also he has played at the following clubs on a regular basis over the last 5 years


*Ecstasy Plus



Daeger Bar
Bath Street

*Judder Bar

Studio 9


Sub 9
Nine Bar



*Mercury Lounge

Di Lusso

*Boiler Room

Supper Club

* Residencies

It is difficult to describe a Dannyboy set using words; in reality it is actually impossible as he is so unique in his approach.

You will find his sets to be interesting well mixed journeys that adapt to the floor at every mix sometimes driving and other times hip swinging but always entertaining and always with the floor in mind.
The Specific Genre Dannyboy plays is House, whether it be Tech, Tribal, or Progressive but his sets are frequently tinged with Breaks which makes his sets so interesting.

Contact Details:


Nicolle Smith
38 Pelorous Street

Cell: +64 (0) 21 1601470


Please email Danny direct