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The funky monkey

Yeah i started out when i was a wee lad at the tender age of 19 in 1996, of course i went to my first rave end of 95 and that's where it all began. Got taught by a this Australian Dj, Dj Lush...

Been mixin it ever since got all my exposure through RDU a radio station as i ran a show for 3 years called "Melt", then left there and went to Pulzar Fm till this date.


Now days i just play consistantly every Saturday nite on Pulzar Fm with good mate ClubCam, we call it "Hardtalk", it's all about communication to the harddance generation.

Played many gigs such as Fevah, Unity in CHCH, Funky and the Furious, Gathering,Alpine Unity, Nrgize,Twilight, Dejavu any many many more nationwide.

Style has always been hard nrg like it like that you see as i've always had heaps of nrg to give out to people.

If you wanna flick me an email- cyan_nz@hotmail.com always keen to chat