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Aviel K.(a.k.a DJ Wizdumb & CCR label owner), always a lover and collecter of the 'new', 'weird' and 'different' , found that many quality artists had superb works that for one reason or another were not being released. The logical step was to create a platform in which to allow these artists to expose their work and peform at festivals and parties.

The Cosmic Conspiracy team are a friendly , family style lable with close working relationships with all artists signed.
There debut Release V/A CCRCD01 Enginewitty recieved top reviews, and featured australasia artists, including Wellingtons own ''Diwata'' and Melbourne live Psy producer ''Ozone''. CD availabe @ http://www.psydj.com (NZ) AND http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ccr/ccr1cd001.html

CCR logo
with there next Psy comp on the way for Feb 05, as well as an upcoming Psy Dub compilation featuring mainly Kiwi artists, phat works will continue to be shared .
With Cosmic Crunch show on Flatline FM in wellington http://www.flatlinefm.co.nz you can catch the label sound, on saturdays from 2 till 4

Artists signed to Cosmic Conspiracy Records include.

Alfredo Garcia (dk)

Cosm (NZ)

Ozone (Aus)

Visua (Mex)

Anakoluth (swiss)

Twelve Monkies (Dk)

Diwata (NZ)

Duendo Matka (mex)

SMO (Dnmrk)

Minimal Criminal (Brzl)

Beatnik (NZ)

Grouch (NZ)