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  • what / DJ, Producer
  • likes / Techno, Trance
.. just a dash of hard house

A DJ for over 15 years, Chelfyn's love of dance music was forged in the murky, slightly sweaty fires of Bristol's and trance scene. Before emigrating to NZ in September 2001 he regularly ran a room at Ripsnorter, one of the UK's top underground club nights, as well as collaborating with Sci-Ting, a cyber-celtic trance spectacular based in the South West.

He ran the 3rd room at Fish! Bristol for Tinrib Records alongside DJ Liquid and Sci-ting's DJ Abduction, and turned a seedy snooker hall into Bristol's favourite post party munt haven The Depot Café, which recently gained a "best place to go out in the south west" recommendation in The Guardian Guide (UK).

Chelfyn has headlined the world's smallest nightclub The Miniscule of Sound, and Cafe 22 in Reykjavik, Iceland. He married partner in crime MsB on the Main Stage at Glastonbury Festival in 2000 and they now live in deepest rural New Zealand. They are based at SoBo Studios, Tmet's secret hidden base, where they write & produce tunes through the week, then go out & play hard at the weekend. Working closely with NZ producers Clayton Gould & Tregurtha they have recently released their first album, "I Like the Blue Ones".

Styles: At his best Chelfyn is leaping around dropping banging acid trance & techno, alongside a dash of hard house, but can also play funky warm up sets.
Recent NZ Gigs: The Gathering 2002, Raving Mad @ Silo, Potato Factory, One Potato, Potato v Needle on the Record, DV8, First Contact

Current Residencies: Potato, Tmet NZ

Past Residencies: (all in Bristol, UK)
Fish! (Tinrib), Ripsnorter, Sci-Ting, Tmet-UK, The Depot Café