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Why have an MC? Why have a microphone if you cannot ' holla, if you cannot let go of all your ambition, if you cannot sing me a song from your heart.

There is no replacement for intuition; there is no adversary to fame; there is no denial of hope when you witness the actions of pure and fluent sound.

Celine holds precious the voice of her microphone; she decides to provide honesty with her pause and power with her melody. Letting her voice roll from the bottom of her heart to the highest truth that she knows.

Her music celebrates the beauty of life and the glam of bam. With a twinkle she clips raps on the beat, stopping the party on the break to let everyone know how good you should feel.

Deep in the richness of Queenstown: she is filling the party with lyrics about life and letting you dance with her glorious style. Celine brings the songs that she sings for the goodness in everything.

If Celine is on the mic, then the party is right.