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  • where / iN ThE SyStEm
  • what / Tech
  • likes / Trance, Techno, Rock, Psy Trance, Progressive, House, Electro, Drum and Bass, Breaks
InTheForest 24:7

Number 1 Plan of all time: Bring back teh KLF


Ripping up dancefloors in Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch, Queenstown, Auckland, Sydney, Surfers Paradise, Brisbane, Bondi Beach, Perth, Greece, Amsterdam, London, Scotland, Split, Monaco

Must haves:

Any form of music 24:7, there is a no place or time that I could be without any music: Techno, House , Pr0g , Trance, Funk and Rock it doesn't matter. I'm addicted to just simple the sound that is music!

Yes Please


Tiesto, Corsten, Van Buuren, Cox, Marco V, Howells, Remy, Roland, Holden, BT, Chicane, Kleinenberg, Van Dyk, The KLF, SnAp!, Lottie, Pappa

Local Hero's: Emerson, D. Stone, Risk, Cuz, Hill, Phillipa, The Sun Valley Boys, Fat Freddy's Drop, M. Drake , Halogen Girl, Shapeshifter, Loop

always in the record bag:

Flight 643 - Tiesto
Dark & Long - Underworld
Cafe Del Mar- Energy 52 (Marco V rmx)
Urban Train - Tiësto

As long as its techy, trancey, pr0gy and sometimes housey I'll be there, getting down leading the charge...

One last word:

Support the locals thier Labels and events, without them putting it on the line every weekend we wouldnt have dance music

InTheForest 24:7