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  • where / Christchurch
  • what / Venue, Sound System, Promoter
  • likes / Progressive, Jazz, House, Hip Hop, Dub, Drum and Bass, Breaks

Carbon is the under gound dance bar in christchurch located in a venue with many memories from near and far.

What once was the Licker Lounge, home to a young Scribe, Greg Churchil and in fact DJ Potts..

They will all be able to tell you stories about the place - memories from the beginning of their careers.

More recently as Carbon it has seen many top class acts such as Soane, Phillipa, Dick Johnson, Presha, Mosus, Steel, Terry Francis, Minuit, Tiny People, Callam, Pyre, Danny Boy, Concord Dawn, Pause, Ali, Sticky Fingaz, MC Mana, MC Rizla, Mant, Shannon Aston, Future Zen crew, Dub Wise, Kasey and Sean... The list goes on there is always something on 76 below Lichfield Street.

But remember it is all about the music - the cocktail list is ok and you can hide in the back Bar when its all too much out the front.

Be prepared to pay a cover and for the sun to be shinning when you finally escape. Some say that a 9k sound system was overdoing it - why dont you come judge for yourself.