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In November 2001, Brent Gleave, 15-year veteran of music retail in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, joined forces with Jason Harding, the journalist/dj known in some circles as Clinton Smiley, to form capitalrecordings

Our idea was and is to create a recording label to help get the fantastic music being made in bedrooms, apartments and beach houses around wellington and new zealand out to a wider audience

We call it a triumph of style over genre, where art, integrity, passion and commerce mix freely, music for listening to, music for those that want to listen, music for those that care about the creative growth and development of 'popular music' within our fine city, and our fine country

We believe in the music we're putting out and we believe in the artists making this music

We want to take this music to the world because that is where it belongs

This is our destiny - This is our vision

For those who have believed, supported and contributed so far, thank you.