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Earth Tones

In this day and age it is becoming more and more uncommon to find an individual who is truly able to express their innermost feelings and emotions through their art form of choice.

Thanks to these rare and unique types, music remains one of the most powerful and emotive forces in existence.

To be able to open your soul and let the whole world read it like a book is the essence of all artists who make a real mark on the environment around them and those who come into contact with the art they live and breath everyday.

Born and raised in Tui Community, Golden Bay, Benny Tones is a child of the city and the country, and he brings with him a fresh synthesis of cultures, lifestyles, ideas and experiences.

He has a unique personality and character which comes across in every note of his music, as comfortable laughing as he is crying, Benny Tone's music carries a depth of experience and understanding far advanced beyond his physical age.

Soul Cycles

For Tones, music is about relevance, interplay and personal enjoyment, he writes for himself using sounds he personally feels a strong association and attachment too, endeavoring to construct a soundscape that reflects the current state of Aotearoa, culturally, socially and physically.

Music with a strong visual feel and a hopeful vision for the future of New Zealand and the world.

His debut album "Earth Tones" is the product of recording sessions at five in the morning on top of mountains and under waterfalls, hours spent in the studio, tweaking and searching for the perfect formula. Time spent in the country and the city, living, thinking and reflecting in an effort to express his personal life experience, feelings, vision and dreams.

More then just an ambient/downbeat producer, Benny Tones is also a skilled multi genre dj, turntablist and sound recording engineer.

Playing across the board you can find him selecting and mixing hip-hop, breaks, house and drum and bass in a stylish manner that rides between styles, building up the night up and down in progressive waves of energy.

"Earth Tones" features vocals and guest instrumentation Chloe Langley, Jeremiah Ross (Module), Thomas Voyce (Rhombus), Shanti Costar (Spartacus R) and an anonymous Saxophonist.

Stylishly packaged in a vein very representative of the vibes of the music, "Earth Tones" delivers on both a visual and aural level as well as conveying a sense of deeper meaning that will draw the listener back time and time again.