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I caught these hoods stealing my gear.

Basstech Promotions
Director: John Pell

After 2 years living in London (Brixton) during the early 1990's promoting UK based reggae artists, soundsystems & djs, I made the decision to return home to Aotearoa in 1995 and start a company marketing, promoting and touring (predominantly) reggae and dub music.

The road of maintaining such a business has been unquestionably rocky in a country of this size, but the message and the sound of reggae combined with the calibre of the people I deal with day to day provide more than enough drive to keep me enthralled in the giant web that this music continues to weave across the globe.

Sometimes I wish we could share it with a much wider audience but then conversely i have to stop and remind myself that if everyone understood it then the passion that makes this music what it is would extinguish itself...