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Black desi[1]

We currently have three talented deejays working for 100%Desi Team. In addition we have contracts with other local and international entertainment organizations. Each individual brings something different and unique to the table. Each deejay experiments with unique blend of music as they spice up the gig with their own personalities.

Specialization: Hindi, Oldies, Bhangra, Classic, Pakistani, Arabic, Hip Hop, Pop, Reggae, Latin, Trance, Techno, House, Rock and more

Our goal is to provide you and your guests with an astonishing experience that will make a lasting impression. The "right" DJ will set the appropriate mood for your occasion and ensure everything follows your specific itinerary.

We spend a lot of time in organizing the event with you before the event so there are no mishaps during the event. We pride ourselves in sorting out all the details and helping the client organize their events better. We will work on your playlist and recommendations with you. We will talk and work closely with the appropriate parties (event managers etc) if we must.

We offer entertainment & music services for Clubs, Corporate Events, Social Events, South Asian Weddings, Dances, School Events, Fashion Shows, Bhangra Blowouts, Basement Bhangras, Cultural Dance events, Diwali Festivals, Birthdays, Sweet 16 Parties, Graduation Parties, Mega Star Shows and any other major event in your life that deserves the expression of music.

So if you are ready, lets do it ! and have a blast !


02151442 | Sunny

021373158 | Navtej

021525239 | Sid