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Music Mountain

Govan Wilson Rd, Matakana, Auckland


Sacred Hill Festival 19th Feb 2011

...perfect package of Aotearoa’s musical repertoire

Empathy Recordings - Skydive [EMPD020]

Raised by wolves in the depths of English woodland, Breakspear soon came to love the natural rhythms of the forest.

Studio Nine

9 Edward Street



Psurkit is a Minimal Techno Netlabel, evolved from an Wellington based party series, underground mailing list, postcast site and more. Almost as old as Obscure itself, Psurkit is the audio division, dedicated to providing a channel for expressing our cho...

Dress Smart No Requests Play Techno

The Obscure crew getting Wellington wound up

DJs: DJ Cyrus, Kill!Club, Coda, LRS

Rumble in the Jungle

Hip Hop has the DMCs, soap operas have the day time Emmys and New Zealand Drum and Bass has Rumble in the Jungle.

Underground Resistance NZ Tour 2008

Wreak havoc on the programmers!

DJs: DJ Skurge, Recloose, Coda, Zero, Turnstyle, Kill Club


Today was the Boredoms annual flea market in Naniwa-ku, Osaka. A freaky 'Nga-puhi-Nagano' Okano freaked me out as usual. Sun Ra and didgireedo Maori-Japanese and Irish harmonica.


Reinforced Output provided by Qualified Operators

DJs: Cubensis, Turnstyle, LRS, Coda,

Monolake - Under the Radar

A free up-close and personal audio experience

DJs: Coda, Ras Twig & Pete

Bands: Monolake

Trash Clinton Smiley Benefit

Superstar DJs, dancers, fans and old school faces.

DJs: All-star welly dj line-up

Main Street Dub

Reggae, roots, dub and dancehall from Jamaica and beyond.

DJs: Cpt Nemo and DJ Atmosphere

Main Street Dub

Reggae, roots, dub and dancehall from Jamaica and beyond.

DJs: Cpt Nemo and DJ Atmosphere

Main Street Dub

Reggae, roots, dub and dancehall from Jamaica and beyond.

DJs: Cpt Nemo and DJ Atmosphere





Making it Real Perhaps?

whatever you create should move people, make them think and involve them. Our souls yearn for it, we are always searching.

Slo Fo - Jimmy Future

Mike, keep the stories coming. Dribble or no, they are funny in places and do liven up our drab existence(s)

Desperate House DJs to rock the Rumpus Room

S-ence regrets to announce that due to events outside it's control, Stacey Pullen will not be featuring at tonight's Desperate House DJs event.


Clinton Smiley benefit event

DJs: Coda, Cyrus, Duncan, FFD, Flick, Kava, Lemon and more

Backwards and Sideways

I've been in New Zealand for the last two-plus weeks on vacation...

This is a test

Testing Submit Article


An all night fith year celebration!!

DJs: Aunty Ethel, Dawnbeaver, Dr Firewood, Guest dj, SG1, Avataar

Bands: Sideshow bob, Skeptic Tank, Bowdy Boyz, Landline 3, Vj Pheye


A night of old school hip hop

DJs: Ghetto Royalty , Club Casualities , DJ Ashtray

Lotek Hifi

We may be bringing someone special to see you

DJs: Lotek Hifi, Stinky Jim, Durty Mac and DD

Bands: Halogen Productions

  • Fri 8 Jul - TBC - Auckland

Experiencing the NZ psytrance scene.

A french raver bringing discovery and exchange.

Substance : Drum&bass

Opening a new chapter in Wellington drum and bass

  • Wed 18 May - Stage - Wellington


Full spectrum drum n bass at its finest

DJs: Grind, Carnage, Kaos, Spectrum, Upseta, Timski, Vasquez, Mclaren

Beefy's Big Birthday Bash

The prog/breaks party of the year....

DJs: Drew, Beefy, Ph

Friday The 13th

Get ya freak on

DJs: Quamay, Ryder, Simplex, Crissbee, Dannyboy, AndyB, Rufus.

Bands: Attik

  • Fri 13 May - Stage - Wellington

AnZaC DaYz

On The Beaches they landed, In the trenches they fought, 90 years ago...

Green Room 004: Hope Release Party In Auckland

Get down in Auckland with Recloose and the LOOP posse...

Shortcircuit Tour

Broad spectrum auckland electronica uprising

DJs: Romantech, Further

Bands: Emerald Green, EMU

  • Sat 14 May - Phat - Nelson
  • Thu 5 May - Refuel - Dunedin
  • Sat 21 May - Guv'nors - Palmerston North
  • Fri 6 May - Dux - Queenstown


Transit returns to Sandwiches with new resident Matt Drake

DJs: Matt Drake (Hardsoul-Auck, Crutial Recs, Nurture Recs), Coda & Cleo

Lords Of The Jungle : Shy Fx And Skibadee

UK Jungle and Drum and Bass riddims on a full nationwide tour

  • Sat 30 Apr - Fu - Auckland
  • Fri 29 Apr - Stage - Wellington

Club Amigo

End of an era

DJs: the sheriff, jae k, tony beswick, meg*, tony p, cyan, batchy, atom-ant, pyrexia

  • Fri 29 Apr - Base - Christchurch


Old school out door with lots of lasers, video and dj's

DJs: Pete Gordon (welly), Flux (Gathering), Mr Ree + Disturber (Fevah) , Hawkes + Pooley (Fevah)


A new weekly drum n bass night

Face-Lift Without Surgery?

How facial exercises can turn back the clock. Anti-aging exercises.

3 The Hard Way

Joining forces for an all-night music mash-up

DJs: Riki Gooch, DJ Goosebump

Fat Freddy's Drop Presents The Flashback

' out of the studio to tear it up on The Flashback

DJs: Mu

Bands: Fat Freddy's Drop

  • Sat 26 Feb - - Invercargill
  • Fri 25 Feb - Civic - Christchurch

The Bromad Sessions 2005

Can't make it to W.O.M.A.D. ? Fear not, music lover

DJs: Goosebump, Gooch

Shapeshifter Announce National Tour

Following three sell-out tours of New Zealand, Shapeshifter are treating audiences across Aotearoa to a national tour in March.

New Horizons

New Horizons with Fat Freedies Drop, Drew, Qua May- Invercargill!

DJs: Drew, Logix, Qua May, Variant, Carl Goldsmith

Bands: Fat Freddy's Drop, Purity Rising, other acts to confirm

  • Sat 26 Feb - Globe - Invercargill


A night of replenishment...

DJs: Dyldo, Robbie Glass, Cyan, d^_^b, Clubcam, Francesa and Justin K

  • Sat 26 Feb - Heaven - Christchurch

Waitangi Day

Celebrate NZ's Day In London....

DJs: Stinky Jim, Pups, Miss Mil

Bands: New Telepathics (live), Mikki Dee (freestyle hip hop)

  • Sun 6 Feb - Cargo - London


SoundSplash Eco Reggae Festival 05

Bands: Fat Freddy’s Drop, Katchafire, Trinity Roots, The Black Seeds, Cornerstone Roots, Unity Pacific, Kora, Scribes of Ra, The Midnights, Blood & Fire Soundsystem +MC Ranking Joe, Roots Foundation, Bassteppa Soundsystem, Renegade, Champion

nye in the highlands

after a lengthly nye train trip from Kings Cross Station...

The Mixologists And Mc Trip (spit Kingdom Uk)

UK DMC Champs hit NZ for exclusive summer dates!

Mc Tali + Digital

Epic drum and bass double bill!

Ben Sims (hardgoove Recs - Uk)

The World's No.1 Hardgroove DJ for the first time in NZ

DJs: Ben Sims (full line-up TBA)

Electronic Monster Night

Live sets from Jet Jaguar, his new project Montano, and other freaks

Bands: Jet Jaguar, Montano, Aquaboogie, Group Five, Octif

  • Fri 7 Jan - Bodega - Wellington

Womad Festival 2005

A three-day festival featuring world music, arts and dance.

Bands: Richie Havens, the Kronos Quartet, Alpha Blondy and The Solar System, the Gyuto Monks, Daara J, George Rrurrambu and Birdwave, Jim Moray, Les Yeux Noirs, Lo ‘Jo, Rashid Khan, Yair Dalal, Capercaillie, Zap Mama, Drum Drum, Mahinarangi Tocker

  • Wed 24 Nov - -

Roots 2 Electronic - Play Brazilian Drums!

4-day percussion workshop with Nego Beto

Bands: Nego Beto

Mad House

Kick the Christmas period off with a touch of Madness

DJs: Matt Terrey, Tom Ward, CJ Fallowfield


2 zone New Year Dance Party at Treble Cone

DJs: Rare (Sydney), Subs n Breaks, Jason Kyle, Olly Black, Psyclone, Witch Doctor, Tigmiester & Richie, Rapid Response

The 30,000 People Party!

I knew I was going to be in for the long a haul when it the bus arrived 2 hours late to our London station.


GENEtiKs back and hes not alone...

DJs: gene "GENEtiK" kennedy (nel), Snitch (Auk), Shannon (chch)

  • Sat 20 Nov - Mansion - Christchurch

The Players Anthem

Follow up to the Players Ball


Annual hip hop and rnb dance party (in ultraviolet)

DJs: dj unz

Bassdrop Presents Subtronix

NZ's premiere d'n'b label and largest d'n'b website combine.

DJs: Presha (Akl), Trei, Subsonik, Pace (Wgtn)

Roots Foundation - Dubble Happy

Roots Foundation Boom Boom Boom at Phoenix

DJs: MU, Lemon, Goosebump, Koa

Bands: Roots Foundation & Imon Star


15 photographs by Darcy Gladwin


New Years Dance Party

DJs: Antix (live), Cykle, Funk n Slowcuts, Beatnick, Wizdumb, Phoenix, Helix, Chelfyn, Justin Sane, Rob Salmon, Cosm (live), Pauleo, Organo, Katalyst, Ozone (live), Chris B,Repeat, Many more on the website and yet to be announced

Dear Friends, Fanatics, Lovers and Comrades

Today we leave the southern hemisphere to record our sixth album in Vancouver with Garth Richardson.

Sunday Subsessions

Bass Invaders After Party

DJs: Carnage, Dreadknowledge (chch), Ill-figa (chch), Spectrum

Phat 05 International Drum N Bass Camp

NZs biggest ever outdoor drum n bass event - Updated - Full Info

DJs: Bad Company UK (Maldini & Vegas), Pendulum (Australia), Digital UK, Concord Dawn, Timmy Schumacher, Agent Alvin, Moksha, Dunstar, Alion, Databass, Rogue, Ras Selector, Grant Smithies, Melt, Genetik, Alita 1

Bands: MC YT UK, Salmonella Dub, The Black Seeds, Shapeshifter, Nathan Haines, Cornerstone Roots, MC Rizla, MC Kyla, Wicked Draw, Disasteradio

Spring Breaks

The third installment hits the Coast

DJs: Dr Livingston, The Missing Link, Elm, Hat

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System, Dee.En.Tee Myschiff Makers

Transit . Feat' Kevin Saunderson

.. return of the one of the god-fathers of techno

DJs: Kevin Saunderson, Coda, Cleo & Filter

Kevin Saunderson

The return of one of the godfathers of Techno


Roots Foundation: Dub Zero

"We will vanquish all pretenders"

DJs: MU, Koa, Lemon & Goosebump

Bands: Roots Foundation Sound System, Imon Star, Riki Gooch

Fire Breaks 911

Fire Breaks out in Sub9

DJs: Page3 (Auck), GENEtiK(Nelson), RobC, fiDJit (Forecast)

Bands: Fire Dancers (weather dependent)

  • Sat 11 Sep - Subnine - Wellington

Sunday Subsessions

Drum 'n' bass at it's finest

DJs: Tactical, Carnage, Timski, Lobo

Clash Of The Commonwealth

The hottest Drum n Bass line up to ever tour New Zealand!


Bands: MC SP

  • Sat 4 Sep - Fu - Auckland

Clash Of The Commonwealth

The hottest Drum n Bass line up to ever tour New Zealand!


Bands: MC SP

Depth Charge

Wellingtons' original Dark Soldier smashing beats in NZ's DNB capital

DJs: Ruffstep(BF), Phaze Mekaniks(Valve), Chronic Ill(Hordak), Johnny Kon(Hordak), Thoughtware(Hordak)

  • Sat 7 Aug - Valve - Wellington

Minuit - The Guns Ep Tour

new EP, new gigs, new guns

DJs: Minuit (min-wee), FunknSloCuts + MC Kurnel, + guests

  • Fri 13 Aug - Fu - Auckland


Night Of Flies---Venue Change

  • Mon 26 Jul - -

Phat 05 Outdoors

PHAT 05, the biggest drum n bass outdoor New Years Eve Event ever!

DJs: Bad Company UK (Maldini & Vegas), Pendulum (Australia), Digital UK, Alion, Moksha, Dunstar, Agent alvin, The Upbeats, Presha (tbc), Databass, Ras Selector, Lady J, Grant Smithies, Concord Dawn, Sandman, Opiuo, Melt, Genetik

Bands: MC YT (UK), MC Kyla, Disaster Radio, Wicked Draw, Salmonella Dub, Shapeshifter, The Black Seeds, Nathan Haines

Black Pantha Vs Emu

live electronica - dub through drum&bass

DJs: Black Pantha + guests

Bands: EMU + guests

  • Fri 27 Aug - Base - Christchurch
  • Fri 15 Oct - Plush - Auckland
  • Fri 10 Sep - UNO - Palmerston North
  • Thu 2 Sep - Valve - Wellington
  • Sat 25 Sep - BRIX - Gisborne
  • Sat 2 Oct - ROMA - Tauranga


Yet another night of chaotic filthy beats, with some of Christchurch's best talent!

DJs: DJs Wizard, Menace, SolidState, Konnor B2B Dread Knowledge

  • Sat 31 Jul - Base - Christchurch

Nice It Up

A celebration of dub, reggae and ska

Bands: Dub Asylum (Auckland), The Midnights (Auckland), Cosmic Ska Child (Hamilton), Bassteppa Soundsystem (Auckland), David Levi (Dubwise Soundsystem, Papamoa), Cpt Nemo (Contact FM, Hamilton), Omega B (Contact FM, Hamilton)

Some Vinyl going cheap

In the auckland area on saturday,

Night Of Flies

Album Release Metal Night


Minuit + Rhian Sheehan Live At The Colosseum

Minuit and Rhian Sheehan play Palmerston North for the first time

DJs: lotion

Bands: minuit, Rhian Sheehan, Module

The Big Phat Chill

The Phat bring their outdoors party INDOORS

DJs: Concord Dawn, Alion

Bands: Katchafire, Concord Dawn, Minuit, Summer Offencive, Skeptic Tank, MC Rizla

Mix N Max Showcase

Mix n Max Showcase

DJs: Pale

Bands: Murray Haddow( Poet), Paul Williams, Gaille Tinihau, Cath and Pale, Pita, Bruce McLaren Intermediate winner, Kelston Girls High winner, Kelston Boys Jazz, Chinese fan and sword dance

Like this Solstice

The place that time changes for you, surrounded by friends & love, and a not quite muddy ground.

Thursday Nights At Mansion

Come down to Mansion to start your weekend this Thursday!

DJs: Craig Shaw

  • Thu 3 Jun - Mansion - Christchurch

Eden: Exploits

Take a trip through over a decade of dance music

DJs: Coda, Omar, Zero, Clinton Smiley, B Lo, LRS + many more

Bands: Lost Knowledge

Wmd: Wellyz Most Dangerous

BF badbwoys rollin the badbwoy drum and bass every thursday

DJs: DDOG, SAL and guests

Brett Johnson

For the first time in Christchurch Mansion presents...

DJs: Shannon Aston, Mark Burgess

  • Fri 28 May - Mansion - Christchurch

Rumble In The Jungle

NZ's 3rd annual Dn'B mixing compeition - line up Approved '

  • Sat 17 Apr - Fusion - Wellington

Freakin Magoo

Driving Funky House

DJs: Zeale, Rob G and Jason Kyle

  • Fri 2 Apr - Mansion - Christchurch

Rhombus Pushing Blocks

Most intimate gig you'll see!



Bass Invaders

Fierce Beats and Phat Bass

DJs: Nick D, Riddle, 48 Sonic, Carnage

Diy Uk Digs & Woosh

UK Tech House from the underground legends of DiY

DJs: Digs & Woosh, Schmoo, Bubbles, Charlie Diamonds, Marek


iloveaki // detroit meets amsterdam in shoreditch

DJs: lo_train, jared langguth + guests

Not in paradise.

The Smooth Green one is stranded and won't be making it to NZ

Dj Craze & Roc Raida

DJ Craze and Roc Raida in Wellington - need we say more

DJs: DJ Craze, DJ Roc Raida, DJ Boogie Blind, DJ Raw

Bands: MC Armanni Reign, Inna Skilla Dragoons

20 000 Leagues Deep

Starring...Theo Parrish as Captain Nemo "charting the depths of rhythm and sound!!"

DJs: 20 000 Leagues of Frequencies: Theo Parrish (Captain Nemo), Recloose (The Elusive Giant Squid)

Bands: Starring Live: DJ Mu (The Harpoonist, Ned Land) & Tony Nairobi (The Naturalist, Professor Arronax)

Drum'n'bass Dance Party

If you are looking for alternative and new sound to your club life.

Splore Info

Music Line up, Workshops, Kids Zone, Films & Shorts, Art Trail, Performance, VJ's ... so much and so good!!

Groove In The Park

A free day in the sun with 25,000 of your mates?

DJs: Jon Sa Trincha ( Ibiza chill veteran ), Bevan Keys, Peter Urlich, Gavin S

Bands: Nathan Haines ( with full five piece UK band ), AK Samba ( 20 member percussion orchestra ) Capoeira troupe, John McGough ( Attic Monkey recordings / Café del Mar / Smokin Beats & Shaboom ) & Steve Blackburn with session percussion & horns


House music with fibre.

DJs: Callam, Aragorn, Hemi, Pyre, special guest Tom Ward (AK)

  • Sat 7 Feb - Heaven - Christchurch


A tribute to pop music's influence on the dance scene...

DJs: King Al, Dexta, JD, Katalyst, Siliconbeat, Zeal, Aragorn.

  • Thu 5 Feb - Heaven - Christchurch


2 nights of cranking psytrance under the full moon

DJs: Helix, Dr Firewood, Poohface McGraw, Dr Bazz, Couch, Halee, Carlos, Endo Evolver, Illusion, Dr Chop, Dilemma, Leo, Abe

Bass Frontiers

D-Dog and DJ Sal from Wellington...

DJs: D-Dog, DJ Sal, Medelin, Halcyon, D-Tour, Wizard, Dose.

Bands: MC Drex

  • Thu 5 Feb - Carbon - Christchurch

Phat Marley Party

Celebrate Bob Marleys birthday & Waitangi Day with KATCHAFIRE

DJs: Greg Churchill, Alion, Genetik, Opiuo, Moksha

Bands: Katchafire, Master Pilot, funknslocuts, Wicked Draw


Well I find it a little funny that people are bagging to Alpine thing.

Summer Soiree

Local Producers from Pinacolada records.

DJs: Headspace, Fanatica, Nacoa.

  • Fri 23 Jan - Carbon - Christchurch


For a night of Deep Funky thumping House

DJs: Philippa, Shannon Aston, Hemi.

  • Sat 17 Jan - Carbon - Christchurch

Super Duo ....

It appears a certain "double act" is about to give 'some' a run for their money ...

Festival Sells Fast

Roots in Kaikoura .. tickets are popular'

Rotaionz 04

Drum 'n Bass & Hip Hop

DJs: Sircut, Menace, Cre-8 D-tour and Subz

  • Sat 10 Jan - Carbon - Christchurch

Official Alpine Warm Up

This multi-zone is the offical Alpine warm up party.

DJs: Main Room(DnB) - Acoustiks(Urban Notion), Neuvo b2b Ritchi Rich (Vaccine) Menace b2b Dose (Cowreckt) and Dallas(code) b2b Kava (Bass Frontiers). Back Bar (Hip Hop) - Sticky Fingaz, Pause, Danejah, Infared.

  • Sat 27 Dec - Carbon - Christchurch

Dj Zinc - The Faster Tour

The man responsible "Super Sharp Shooter".

DJs: Zinc (UK), Acoustiks, Steel, Halcyon, Dose

Bands: MC Rizla

  • Thu 8 Jan - Carbon - Christchurch

Monolake - redifining 'live'

Monolake is one of the original pioneers of the Berlin minimal techno scene

Carbon Nye 2004

Digital rockin the Salmonella Dub afterparty

DJs: Digital (UK)(Timeless records), Jagwah aka MC Rizla, Steel & Medelin (the code), MC D-Rex (Co.Wrekt), Menace (Co.Wrekt)

  • Wed 31 Dec - Carbon - Christchurch

Arts Business Workshops

Demystifying business and career control.

Bands: ... well, MCs, actually: Mark Cubey, Michael Lockhart

Souled Out

The SummerWave is Coming!

DJs: Oracle, dj:A'mour, Substance, MD, Jane e, Darren c, Dave Hook and more

  • Fri 9 Jan - Roma - Tauranga

Project: Mayhem

Drum N Bass with the local crew

DJs: Vex, Triple B, Tyler, MC GT

  • Thu 11 Dec - Base - Christchurch


Christmas Eve good times for all!!!!

DJs: Jagwah, Dub Regulata, Sircut, Nacoa.

Bands: MC D-Rex, MC Mana.

  • Wed 24 Dec - Carbon - Christchurch

Antipodean Records

[[Mark de Clive Lowe]] is back from London

DJs: Mark de Clive Lowe (2000 Black), Thisinformation (Chris Cox & Isaac Aesili)

Bands: Cherie Mathison - special guest vocalist

  • Sun 21 Dec - Carbon - Christchurch

School Of Hard Dance

ChCh's up 'n coming hardd ance talent

DJs: Josh, Pyrexia, Class-e, DJ Lummox, Clubcam, Steve Arnold

  • Sat 20 Dec - Smile - Christchurch

Pinacolada 12" Release Party

Headspace and Fanatica play live for free

Bands: Pinacolada Sound System, Headspace, Fanatica


The definition of live sonic innovation

DJs: melody, um, mike gemmell

Bands: monolake, jet jaguar, misled convoy, antix, kndnsr vs warmjet, clone

Merry Flippin Xmas

Join the random santas, naughty elves and cheeky angels

DJs: Vino, Dannyboy and gimpgirl b2b, Addict, Randon Issue, E.N.C and DJ Skippy b2b, Bean with MC Therapeutic, Matt Terrey, Mnemonik, Nomis, Stueethedog, Mutant, Cactus Genie, Fitzy

Fcknphat Beatz

A loose night of all styles, all phat.

DJs: D-Tour, Acoustiks (live sax and vocals), Rufio, Gamble, Switch

  • Fri 5 Dec - Heaven - Christchurch

Good Work

Best in NZ music - for the kids

Bands: Goldenhorse, The Phoenix Foundation, Pluto, Antix, Paradigm, The Midnights, Minuit, Concord Dawn, Skyman, Gramsci, Ben King and Steve Abel.

Collaborations Nye

For the first time in Wellingtons dance music history

Matrix Reload Tour 2003

Fathomlessly funky remixes and forthcoming original tunes

DJs: D-dog, Sal, B.Lo, Basix, MC Kyla, and Solid Wax

Bands: Matrix (a.k.a. Jamie Quinn)

Kaikoura Roots Festival

Tickets... first week of December !!

Deep Hard N Funky

Not what you expect from skinny white guy from Glasgow?

DJs: Colin Gate ( Deep Sensation UK ), Bevan & Hayden Keys, Soane, House of Down Town, Tim Phin,Louis Osbourne ( UK ), Greg Churchill, Dick Johnson, Rob Salmon, Princess SuperStar (NYC ), Mikey Havoc and more

Bands: Jakob on sax, Levani on percussion

Knees Up

A unique live flavour

DJs: Stinky Jim, Matty Boomsticks, Manuel Bundy, Brother J, Chris Cox, Cesar the Fly, Cian and VJs micTV, Fibro and Mars.

Bands: Verse Two, The Hot Grits, Batucada Sound Machine, Murk 108 feat. Imon Star, Ghost Tones feat. G.muva & Maya


For your delectation we present...

Bands: Ollo, Systematic, James Duncan

Ben Davis

Celebrate Paper's 100th vinyl release

DJs: Ben Davis, Genetik

Phatten Up Party

Data:Bass crew from AK headline 'Phat Outdoor Party

DJs: Fiction, Alion, Hoags, Bent, Moksha

Bands: Wicked Draw, Landline, Master Pilot, Funknslocuts

Outback Down Under

100% Indigenous Hip Hop - Aboriginal and Maori

Bands: Local Knowledge, Gudabah, free.B, Upper Hutt Posse, Native Sons, Nat Rose, Medical Clan feat. MC 11, MCB.Me & Jamila

  • Thu 30 Oct - Bodega - Wellington

Resolution 2004

24 Hours Non-Stop Entertainment!

DJs: Soane, Tim Phin, 48sonic & Riddle, Andy Vann, Databass, Miss Behavin (Tidy Trax UK), Jason Nawty (12" Thumpers U.K), Terry Wizz, Dave Skwish (Nu Energy), Terry Wizz, Mischief & Mayhem, Siren, Andy Day, Cookie Monsta, Djslut, Lukas & Corrosiv, Random Andre

Bands: Rhombus, Minuit, 4Corners, Retribution, Wrath

2 Smoked

UK Heavyweights !

DJs: James Holden (UK), Steve Gerrard (Bedrock-UK)

Bands: Support from DJ Risk (WSNC), Astral (Chemistry)

  • Sat 11 Oct - Cube - Auckland

Dj Jazzy Jeff

A DJ quicker than lightning, who can scratch that itch

DJs: Jazzy Jeff, DJ Raw, DJ Kerb

Bands: Pauly Yamz, V, GND

  • Sun 12 Oct - Indigo - Wellington


A twisted night for twisted people

DJs: Andy B, Dj Gusto, Qua-may, Reece, Ryder, Shakka, Simplex, Coda, Dannyboy, John Saunders, Mish, Shortstop, Stoffa, Tane

Big Bada Boom

Bollywood, Bhangra and Asian Underground ... Wellington Stylee!

DJs: Tu-Faan Express, Colynjah, Swami A, El-Amein-Ji, Sthri

  • Sat 18 Oct - Indigo - Wellington


12 DJs / 3 Rooms / 1 Full Moon

DJs: Dick Johnson / Roger Perry / Soane / Cuffy / Tim Richards / Emma Green / Ange / Brendan Lawler / Nick D / Chris Cox / Cian / Dunc Tha Funk

Bands: The Blood Moon Carnival Of Souls

Ak03 Late Night Lounge

Auckland's sumptuous Wintergarden becomes a FREE club for 16 days!

DJs: Dunc Tha Funk

Bands: guest musicians

The news on .. James Holden

I managed to track down Mr Holden for a chat. The original bedroom banger who first burst onto the scene in '99, aged only 19...

In Search of Sunshine

A trip was to be taken, the final destination .. somewhere with sun of course!

Mr Saunderson

Kevin Saunderson has landed safely and is eagerly anticipating playing in Auckland tonight and Wellington tomorrow.

Tony Nairone & Dj Mu's Monthly

Vinyl cuts, horn stabs, MPC samples & breaks...

DJs: Mu

Bands: Tony Nairone

Holly J. Smith Live

Resident vocalist for the Horn's Sunday 'Pass the Peas'...

Bands: Holly J. Smith & The iLL Phonics

Dawn Patrol

Back To Canada Special with Filthy Forum

DJs: Filthy Forum, Agent Alvin, The Upbeats, The Facecutters

  • Sat 27 Sep - Indigo - Wellington

A sad day for Wellington

Flipside Records announce they are closing...

One Cored Apple

The Rinsed crew bring another night of Nu-Skool Hardcore

  • Sat 27 Sep - Carbon - Christchurch

Kaati! - Films Of Indigenous Resistance

Te Kupu's rapumentary 'Ngatahi' & Big Noise Films' 'Zapatista'

Player Haters Ball

Bass & Hip-hop at The Wyndham Bowling Club

  • Fri 21 Sep - - Auckland

Obscure HQ


Run things here.

Dub, Funk, Ragga, Dancehall, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Jungle, Reggae, Reggaeton, Rock, Roots