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Back on Track and Ekim presents Nico Stojan

A day party in the heart of Wellington

DJs: Nico Stojan, Heylady, Logan Baker, Vernon & Bastian, B.Lo

  • Sat 5 Mar - Ekim - Wellington

Back on Track

The last Back on Track for 2014, we're getting all Christmas on it!

DJs: Heylady, Samantha Jeanne, Adman, CJ Fallowfield

Basement presents Tim Richards

A night of the hottest house and techno

DJs: Tim Richards, Heylady, Souladelic

Back on Track

Souladelic's very special farewell and Heylady's return from Burning Man

DJs: Heylady, Souladelic

Back on Track

Wellington's sonic reprobates return

DJs: Heylady, Souladelic

Back on Track

Returns from the future for our second birthday with Matt Terrey

DJs: Matt Terrey, Heylady, Souladelic, Empyre

Chicage Disco Summer Tour - Wellington

An afternoon of fine cocktails and fly four four in the sun

DJs: Philippa, Heylady, Vernon, Bastian

Back On Track

returns from the future with Verdi and Johnny Kingdom

DJs: Heylady, Empyre, Verdi, Johnny Kingdom

  • Fri 7 Dec - Hooch - Wellington

Back On Track - Souladelic's birthday soiree with Anthony Muirhead

Bringing the heat to Wellington's spring transition.

DJs: Anthony Muirhead, Empyre, Heylady, Souladelic

  • Fri 5 Oct - Hooch - Wellington

Back On Track with special guest Hipmatic

The Back On Track crew return from the future for Empyre's birthday soiree!

DJs: Empyre, Heylady, Hipmatic, Souladelic

  • Fri 7 Sep - Hooch - Wellington

Back On Track

Returning from the future with Matt Drake!

DJs: Matt Drake, Heylady, Empyre, Souladelic

  • Fri 3 Aug - Hooch - Wellington

Back on Track

Returns from the future for Heylady's birthday!

DJs: Heylady, Empyre, Souladelic

  • Fri 6 Jul - Hooch - Wellington

Halfway House Winterfest Special

The hottest cuts to warm the winter chills

DJs: Heylady, Tom McGuinness

  • Thu 28 Jun - Bar Up - Queenstown

Back on Track

Returning from the future this Queens Birthday weekend.

DJs: Jamie White, Tom McGuinness, Heylady, Empyre, Souladelic

  • Fri 1 Jun - Hooch - Wellington


Heylady is a Wellington by Auckland reprobate who is often spotted behind decks, on dancefloor or in front of bar. She can be found running and playing at a regular club night, Back On Track, at Wellington's Hooch bar with local larrikins, DJ Empyre and S...

Back On Track

With special guest Matt Drake

DJs: Empyre, Heylady, Matt Drake, Souladelic



Sonic reprobate

Deep House, Disco, House, Tech House, Techno, Progressive

Heylady is dropping the techtonic sound at Back on Track with fellow resident Souladelic every 2nd month at Laundry, and every Friday night from 7 till 9 with Steve Steers on Fast radio.. Drinks will be flowing, party is rolling. See ya'll on the dancefloor.