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The Upbeats in Gisborne

Primitive Technique Album Release Tour

DJs: The Upbeats, Tommy Gee

Bands: Haki, Skypills

Queens Bday Wknd @ PBC

It's a long weekend, let's party!

DJs: Funk You Can't, Magick, Ezza

Bands: Brazilbeat Soundsystem, MC Dreadeye

Art • Fashion • Music

The multimedia event of the season

DJs: Dick 'Magik' Johnson, Ezza, DJosé

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System

P-Money in Gisborne

Outdoor event in Shipwreck's new garden bar

DJs: P-Money, Treble, DJose

Bands: Brazilbeat Soundsystem

PBC Summer Nights presents: Blackbird

Live bands in the Dome Room

Bands: Blackbird, Fighting Like Stags, Kaleidoscopes

PBC Summer Nights presents: Blackout UV Party ft. Tania M

Wear your tight whites & brights, paint yourself and dance all night!

DJs: Tania M, Magick, Jose, Beat 22

PBC Summer Nights presents Olie Bassweight

Celebrating Gisborne's rising status as a summer music hub, the Poverty Bay Club presents the PBC Summer Nights Series!

DJs: Olie Bassweight, Jose, Tim Livingston

Bands: Brazilbeat Sound System, MC Dreadeye

PBC Spring Massive feat. Savage

First day of Spring... Swiiing!!!

DJs: Rek Dosage, Exile, Jose, Patient.X

Bands: Savage, Frisko, Brazilbeat Sound System

PBCfest feat. Computers Want Me Dead


DJs: Daniel Farley, The Lost Boys

Bands: Computers Want Me Deat, Brazilbeat Soundsystem

UV Party feat. P.Digsss (MC/DJ set)

Wear white & fluro and get the body painting goin' on

DJs: P.Digsss, Brazilbeat Sound System

MC Tiki (Tiki Taane) vs. Dick 'Magik' Johnson

The Edge 99.7FM Gisborne presents: MC Tiki Taane vs. Dick Johnson at the PBC

DJs: Dick Johnson

Bands: MC Tiki Taane, Brazilbeat Sound System

PBC Summer Nights - General Lee

General Lee (Ministry of Sound sessions)

DJs: General Lee, Hat, Mara

PBC Summer Nights - Optimus Gryme

Optimus Gryme - Dubstep set

DJs: Optimus Gryme, Pato, Brazilbeat

Brazilbeat Sound of Summer Tour

10 years of BBSS

Bands: Brazilbeat Sound System

  • Sat 18 Dec - Salut - Whangarei
  • Fri 17 Dec - Flow - Hamilton


Spring... new beginnings... new life

DJs: DJ Tania M

Bands: Brazilbeat Sound System, Helen Corry


(aka Shapeshifter's P.Digsss & Sambora) in Gisborne

Bands: The Peacekeepers, Brazilbeat Sound System

The Beautiful Game

Samba and Football

DJs: Bobby Brazuka, Datt DJ

Bands: Brazilbeat Sound System

Raglan Dance Festival

24-hour rave with all styles of electronic music!

DJs: Dick Johnson, Justin Sane, Jaycen A'mour, U-Kahn, Jason Howson, Lowquid, Aeon, Grind, Jacob Fielding, Seeka, Zpak, Domestic Couple, Pato, Brutus Power, Gesh, Biomatrick, Fish-Hook, Dust, Felipe Texeira, Nemesis, and many more

Bands: Kidz In Space, Brazilbeat Sound System, MC Rolex, MC Drew West, MC Olly Coddington

Electric Carnaval

Masks out.. costumes on..!!

DJs: Brazilbeat Sound System, DJ Pato

Bands: Brazilbeat Sound System

2010 -New Era

wrapping the NYE experience in Gisborne

DJs: Bobby Brazuka, BrazilBeat Sound System

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System

Spring Breaks 09


Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System

  • Thu 10 Sep - Alibi - Dunedin

BrazilBeat SS in Queentown & Wanaka

Winterfest.. Mardi-gras.. bring it on!

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System

BrazilBeat Sound System @ SFBH

Get ya' fancy-dress sorted...!

DJs: Andy Day

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System, special guests Maaka Phat, Sheba Williams, Dr. Falconer & more

BrazilBeat SS with The Retainers

Live and funky

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System, The Retainers, Dub Asylum

Rhythm & Vines Summer Sessions 08-09

What's good in Gizzy!

DJs: Dick Johnson, Hat, +1

Rhythm & Vines Summer Sessions 08-09

What's good in Gizzy!

DJs: Brazilbeat Sound System, 38:40

Bands: Blackbird, Skankamelia

BrazilBeat Sound System

Baile in the Mount

DJs: BrazilBeat Sound System, DJ Pato, Alex Fish Hook

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System

  • Sat 15 Nov - Brewers - Mt. Maunganui

Sunshine Sound System

The mighty, mighty Sunshine Sound System come to Gizzy!

Bands: Sunshine Sound System, BrazilBeat Sound System


feat. BrazilBeat Sound System and friends

DJs: Hamish Pinkham + TBC

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System

BrazilBeat Sound System & Kraft

Filthy ghetto funk and full-spectrum DnB

DJs: Kraft

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System

BrazilBeat Sound System @ PBC

BBSS finalise summer tour in Gisborne

DJs: BrazilBeat Sound System

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System and friends

BrazilBeat Sound System - Soho, Gisborne

Nova album release tour

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System

BBSS Official Album Release Party

BrazilBeat Sound System launch album at Khuja Lounge

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System

BrazilBeat Sound System - The Mount

Nova album release tour

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System

BrazilBeat Sound System - Balada

Brazilian beats extraordinaire!

DJs: Bobby Brazuka

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System

BrazilBeat Sound System - Napier

DJ-percussion duo BrazilBeat Sound System are set to play Napier first in a quest to draw attention to their debut full-length album. The album "Nova" hits the streets November 20th, Watch out for a string of spring/summer dates and festivals follow.

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System

  • Fri 23 Nov - Shed 2 - Napier

Spring Breaks

The official advent of spring is the equinox on 21st of September, but being the "First City of the Sun" and all, Gisborne has licence to jump the gun!

DJs: Timmy Schumacher, Tim Livingston

Bands: BrazilBeat Soundsystem

Girlz Nite Out!

Funk Sisters

DJs: Mara, Geraldine

BrazilBeat Sound System

BrazilBeat Sound System can rarely rely on a “home” crowd of Brazilians when they play gigs throughout New Zealand. But Mt. Maunganui is one place where they can.

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System

  • Sat 9 Jun - Ozone - Tauranga

Soane @ Fluid Lounge

"The best time to practice is in front of a crowd, save the bedroom for sleeping and other stuff" - Soane

DJs: Soane, Hat

Rhythm & Vines Cellar Tour

Rhythm & Vines takes the vibe on tour

DJs: Sunshine Soundsystem

Bands: North Shore Pony Club, Blackbird, special guests Nego Beto (BrazilBeat Sound System), CP Moore (The Taliband), and more

  • Fri 30 Mar - Shed 2 - Napier

Keep It Rio!

BrazilBeat Sound System summer tour

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System

Keep it Rio!

BrazilBeat Sound System summer tour

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System

  • Sat 20 Jan - Fuze - Rotorua

Get Funky

Waterfront party in Gissy

Bands: BrazilBeat Soundsystem

Spring Breaks 06

Gisborne's essential pre-season event

DJs: Timmy Schumacher, BrazilBeat Soundsystem

  • Sat 30 Sep - Fluid - Gisborne

Rhythm Factory

Live drums, Brazilian dancers...

DJs: BrazilBeat Sound System

Bands: BrazilBeat Sound System

BrazilBeat Sound System


DJ-percussion collective

Dubstep, Breaks, Dancehall, Drum and Bass, Dub, House, Reggae, Roots, Electro, Funk

Brazilbeat Sound System is an electronic band formed in San Fransisco, USA in 2000, and currently based in New Zealand.

Percussionist/MC Nego Beto has played music on five continents, having toured with dozens of high profile acts including The Wailers and the Loop OE:Brazil project, and produced "Reggae MTV" for MTV Brazil. Together with Californian DJ Mara, the BBSS sound is forged: a mashup of roots, baile-funk and electro, through to drum & bass.

Pulling elements from Brazil, USA and New Zealand, and injecting roots level percussion, BBSS deliver explosive live shows, crammed with heavy bass, drum solos and hard-case MCing. BBSS tracks have featured on compilations in the USA, Brazil, Japan & New Zealand, and the independently released first album 'Nova' (2008) available on iTunes worldwide.